Looking To Redesign Your Living Room? Here are 8 Awesome Ideas For A Classic Style Decor

Elaborated ceiling, intricate design patterns, and lots of gold and silver – a classic design style is to die for. Synonymous with luxury and comfort, a classic design style brings a great deal of aesthetic value to any space. It oozes out exuberance and up the style game by several notches. 

If you are eyeing a classic style for your living room, these ideas might help you. Take a look. 

Classic Living Room Decor

Look for the minimal and classy furniture

A classic living room style is about ageless designs that are not bound by the shackles of transient trends. These furniture pieces are evergreen and always stay on top of interior design trends. 

To rightly do your classic living room, select classic furniture. If you don’t want an overtly traditional design, look for classic modern furniture pieces that are a hybrid between minimalism and classic. These furniture pieces retain the classic charm while flaunting some contemporary touches. Classic Italian furniture, a blend of modern and traditional, would be great for classic living room style. 

Select high-quality upholstery 

A classic design style is all about elegance and class. Hence, you need to have an eye for high quality. When selecting upholstery fabric, ensure that you select rich fabrics that spell luxury. 

Opt for plush fabrics like velvet, wool, linen, cotton, silk, brocade, and satin for chairs and cushions. These fabrics create a luxurious vibe and encapsulate your living space in a classic charm. 

Choose your color palette wisely

Classic living spaces demonstrate poise and a sense of harmony. To stay true to the essence of classic style, select a color scheme and strictly stick to it, with variations in shades, tones, and hues. 

To create an overall understated look, select a wallpaper that goes with the color palette of the living room. 

To achieve a luxe vibe, select a color palette dominated by ivory, silver, or gold. 

Don’t miss the details 

Don’t overlook fine details when designing an elegant and classic space. Select fabrics and textiles that flaunt fine detailing and finish. 

When choosing armchairs, sofas, and cushions, go for bedecked options having gold or silver buttons, gold or silver embroidery, tassels, fringes, cords, and ribbons. 

The idea is to create an elaborated look with elements that catch an eye and add a decorative value to the room without appearing gaudy or tacky. 

It might seem tricky, but if you are aware of the line that differentiates between ornate and gaudy, you can achieve the right look. 

Adorn the walls 

Adorn the walls of your living room with large artwork and ornate mirrors. Frames festooned with gold and silver elements go great with the overall luxe classy theme and give a larger-than-life appearance to the room. 

Furthermore, large mirrors make the room appear bigger and add more to the luxe quotient. 

Select ornate lights

Lighting is one of the most crucial design elements, and if it goes wrong, it can spoil the entire look. To enhance the look of your classic living room, ditch the modern light sources for colossal chandeliers and lamps. 

Cover the floor with lush carpets 

To add comfort and elegance to your space, spread a large carpet or rug. Lush carpets and rugs lend a charisma to a living space that cannot be overlooked. 

Select thick rugs made from wool or velvet. 

Finish with some classic accessories

Once you have accomplished a classic style for your living room, finish it with classic accessories, such as silverware, ceramic or porcelain vases, and crystal pieces.

The bottom line 

Design trends change every day, but a classic design style never goes out of fashion. Now that you know how to achieve it, give a classic makeover to your living room. 

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