Types & Tips for Choosing New Flooring

Choosing New Flooring

It cannot be easy to choose the best floorings available in the market. There are many types of flooring, and each type has thousands of variations. To choose the right one for the job, consider the following factors to select the best flooring.

Different Types of Floorings Available On the Market:

There are mainly six basic types that you can select from. Here, you can find these factors to consider, and you can maintain these factors to choose the best flooring for your home:


Tile has gained tremendous popularity these days because of obvious reasons. It comes in various colors, styles, and ranges. It can change the entire look of an old house. With their multiple sizes and material, tiles have several other features to look upon. These are easy to clean, environment-friendly, water-resistant, and cost-effective. It can make your home look cozy, and you can install such times in different patterns.


This section has two varieties in itself: the panel flooring and the sheet vinyl. The installation processes are different as well. The panel would be great if you want that ceramic or wooden finish. If you are searching for a hustle-free installation, go for the large, continuous vinyl sheets that are extremely easy to install. These are durable, stain-resistant, eco-friendly, and comfortable as well.

Choosing New Flooring


These natural stones can give you a classy look. Polished marbles reflect light very well. But it is costly and needs high maintenance. If you like 100% natural things and do not want to opt for something synthetic, you can go for marble flooring. But marble is expensive, and you need to spend a lot on their installation.


Want something where your pets can wander easily? Lamination could be the best choice for it. These are children and pet-friendly, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant.


Hardwood floorings are manufactured using 100% natural woods like oak, maple, and cherry. It has a lifespan of close to ten years but, if maintained properly, can last more than that. And another great upside is it can be refinished as many times as you want in its lifespan.

Aspects to Keep in Mind While You are Choosing Your Flooring


While choosing, you don’t want to replace it every alternate year. So durability is something that you must take into consideration before investing your money.


It may not always be possible to get the all-natural option as those are too high in price. Porcelain, hardwood, or marble gives a classy look for sure. But these natural stones are expensive, and you can choose laminate or vinyl to save your cost. These provide the same look without leaving you with an empty pocket.

Choosing New Flooring


Maintenance is another aspect to keep in mind. Tile and vinyl flooring come with low maintenance, whereas hardwood and marble need extra care to extend their lifespan. So, choose the best one that will save your recurrent maintenance cost.

Light Flow

Lighter material reflects a good amount of light. On the other hand, dark colors can dim the natural light and make the room look a bit darker.

Opt for something which is slip-resistant. You can search for such flooring options online and choose the best one within your budget. Ensure you select a rust-resistant and durable floor for your home, and talk to your contractor about their warranty terms.

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