Everyone Has A Role In Business, Which One Are You?

If you understood how business works from the inside, you’d never complain about it being boring. There is so much to do, so many ways to reach the top and so many small victories that occur every day. The question is, where do you belong? Don’t sell yourself short, everyone has a place in a business. We’re going to explore just some of the roles and the professional attributions you need to fit into the right one.

Marketing creatives

If you want to work in marketing, you need to be super creative. Brands pay top dollar to marketing professionals who can make their brand stand out and yet preserve their heritage. Creativity is like the oxygen that marketing breathes. It’s incredibly vital to always be ready to take on any new challenge. So would this suit you?

  • You look forward to experiencing new products, figuring out ways that they could be useful to various age groups.
  • You like to study human behavior, understanding why some ads get a good response and why others don’t.
  • You like to work with people that shoot off the cuff. They think fast and they have lots of energy when in workshops, creating new campaigns.
  • You want to care for each customer that comes across your desk. Whether they are upset about an order or would like to know more before they consider purchasing, you’ll never hide from a challenge.

Administration moles

Business administration is a complex role but it’s crucial to the success of the business. It’s all about running the business as efficiently as possible, while striving to take care of employees and improving their processes. Many can’t tell the difference between business administration vs business management

Business administration is all about 

  • leadership skills, 
  • accounting for executive members, 
  • human resource management, 
  • applied statistics 
  • and advancing your organization’s behavior and culture. 

Business management is all about knowing 

  • how business laws operate, 
  • the ethics of doing good business, 
  • setting global strategies, 
  • designing fair policies 
  • and negotiating to name a few. 
Business Roles

Manager leaders 

Managers have tough roles. Consider them as having one foot in the office and another on the ground where the business is fighting it’s rivals. You have to be willing to manage people without favor, never shy away from deadlines and responsibility to your team to take care of their needs too.

  • You have to be patient
  • Be willing to deal with people with different personalities
  • You must speak with clients, customers and executive members, so you need to be a master communicator.
  • Write reports every month or fortnight regarding how well your team or section is doing
  • Juggle several objectives and manage time and deadlines
  • Love to lead. You have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders but you like it that way.

Sales team

Sales is one of the most fast-paced roles in business. You are constantly chasing up leads, finalizing deals and reacting to customer satisfaction in a humane and understanding manner. It involves being able to take no for an answer, over and over again, while never accepting it. That means you need a stiff character that doesn’t get disheartened.

  • You will be following up leads. Customers that have given you their email and purchasing history, will need to be shown what your brand has in the way of new products and sales promotions.
  • Can you write daily reports of how your day went regarding sales and leads? This is something that might be done to show managers what is going on at your desk so they in turn can write weekly reports.
  • You have to be a natural on the phone, and write in the right tone when contacting customers.
  • You must love to do email marketing, as much of what you will do will be writing in promotional and sales marketing tasks.

Design pros

Working in the design department is incredibly exciting. You’ll be making things come to life. Working in product design is perhaps the dream most designers have. To have their artwork and design be created and sold around the world, is very satisfying.

  • You must never ever run out of ideas. 
  • You’ll also be a problem solver.
  • You’ll also need to keep up with the latest design standards and remain creative day after day.
  • You’ll work in a big team, so you can’t be egotistical.

Whether you fit into a leadership role or a more creative role, you only need time to figure out where best to use your talents. Everyone fits somewhere in a business. 

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