A Budget Wise Breakdown of the Various Engagement Rings You Can Get Today

Many factors affect your choice of engagement ring. However, one of the biggest of these factors is the price of gemstones. So to help you out, here is a budget-wise breakdown of the different engagement ring options you can have today.

Engagement Rings

Small Budget ($400 – $800)

You can find some amazing platinum rings within this budget. Most of these rings act as the base or metal band for fitting in gemstones. However, the band itself makes for an appealing ring. Those who like the idea of minimalist jewelry will surely love this idea of using just the metal band as the ring. And you can always fit in a stone later on if you want to.

Of course, just because you have a small budget does not mean you have to settle without a gemstone. Even with a budget constraint like this, you can get your hands on various colored diamonds like orange and yellow.

For under $800, you can get yellow diamond engagement rings of up to 0.46 carats. The ones around $500 have a VS2 clarity, while the higher-priced ones have VS and I1 level clarities. The more expensive ones usually have a brighter color and are mostly cushion or radiant shaped. 

Apart from yellow diamonds, you can get orange ones too. Like yellow diamonds, you can expect plenty of variations in the orange ones as well based on their prices. Both of them, however, are ideal choices for those of you who want to make it work on a tight budget. 

Medium Budget ($1,500 – $2,500)

On the more expensive side of things, you can opt for blue or green diamonds. They may not be as fancy as red or white diamonds but are surely appealing. And for under $2,500 these colorful diamonds make for the perfect engagement rings.

A 0.76 radiant-shaped green diamond with I2 clarity will cost you just over $1,500. Given its weight and shape, this green diamond will look huge on an engagement ring. For a similar price, you can get a 0.23 carat round green diamond with SI1 clarity. This too will look beautiful on any sort of ring, especially on ones made with platinum.

Blue diamonds are a bit more expensive compared to green ones. For $2,500, you can get a pear-shaped 0.06-carat blue diamond with SI2 clarity. It will still be fancy, but not as appealing as the bigger and heavier green ones. Of course, you can still opt for this if you are aiming for a minimalist style but would still like a gemstone on top of your platinum band.

Expensive ($2,500 – $5,000)

Fancy white diamonds and black diamonds are the best options for this price range. Not only are they classy and beautiful, but they are also unique, especially the black ones. After all, not every day do you see a bride with a black diamond engagement ring on their hand. 

So if the goal is to stand apart, do go for the black diamond. A 2.29-carat round-shaped black diamond with GIA grade clarity will cost you under $4,500. It is arguably the best way to grab people’s attention.

And you can always go for the white ones if black is not your thing. These white ones sparkle like the colorless ones and are just as beautiful as any other colored diamond.

Very Expensive ($8,000 – $15,000)

You can get some exquisite emerald engagement rings within this price range. For over $10,000, you can easily get an emerald ring that weighs around 3 carats. Emerald rings under $10,000 usually weigh around 1.5-2 carats. Get something cushion or round-shaped if you are interested in buying an emerald engagement ring. These two shapes bring out the best in these stones.

Other than emeralds, you can also opt for rubies and sapphires. Sapphires are comparatively less expensive than rubies. You will have to spend well over $20,000 if you want a large ruby that offers a bright and colorful look. 

Engagement Rings

Lavish ($50,000 +)

Go for red diamonds if you want to spend big. With astounding price tags of over $50,000, these red diamond rings will steal the show at any event. Round and cushion-shaped ones will bring out the red diamond’s beautiful blood-red color and its maximum appeal. So in case you do want to spend big, do it right.

The prices of these rings will also vary depending on the type of band you get. Platinum ones will cost you around $800. Rose gold or white gold are also options you can opt for. However, they will cost a little more.

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