Black Food Bloggers You Need in Your Feed

It’s Black History Month, and while there are many ways to celebrate, one of the best is in the kitchen. That’s why I want to share with you some of the best black food bloggers you’re going to need on your Instagram feed.

Black Food Bloggers You Need in Your Feed

While there are lots of food bloggers from all over the world that are acing the game, many black food bloggers aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. So in an effort to amplify my fellow black foodies’ voices, I came up with a list of the most talented creators you need in your feed. 

Not only do these black food creators share their unique perspectives on food, but they also share wonderful recipes that will diversify your life, your news feed, and your taste buds!

1. @thiswortheylife

Tatanisha and Derrick Worthey are the embodiment of a dream team. Together, they inspire everyone to live life to the fullest by sharing their inspirational life adventures, mouthwatering recipes, travel adventures, lifestyle hacks, relationship advice, and their passion for food at This Worthey Life.

2. @grandbabycakes

Jocelyn Delk Adams was inspired by her grandmother, “Big Mama” Maggie, to create Grandbaby Cakes, a blog where she shares vintage and modern recipes that are creatively scrumptious. Adams’ grandma is an avid baker who likes to experiment and develop her own dessert recipes. But no matter what ingredients she reaches for, she always makes sure to infuse her meals with love. Of course, Adams shares the same “baking gene” as grandma, because she loves whipping up delicious treats for her whole family. 

3. @senseandedibility

Marta Rivera is a proud Bronxite and food photographer who somehow manages to find the time to create delicious meals inspired by her mother’s Puerto Rican heritage. Marta is the author of the blog Sense & Edibility, a virtual academy where wannabe chefs from all over the world are encouraged to bake, broil, whip, and experiment in their own kitchens. Marta is passionate about Lebanese food and, as you have probably already figured out, Jane Austen (hence the play on words!) 

4. @britneybreaksbread

Looking for some corn muffins with cinnamon maple butter recipes? How about some New Orleans Style Beignets or Healthy Orange-Sesame Chicken recipes? Well, Britney, the author of Britney Breaks Bread, has everything you could possibly be looking for. This researcher/baker’s Instagram feed is full of sweet and savory dishes that will inspire you to step into the kitchen and let your creativity flow.  

5. @supperwithmichelle

If you’re looking for a veggie enthusiast and soup lover, then check out Michelle Braxton’s Supper With Michelle. Michelle used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen with her mom when she was a child, so she knows how to turn a bland vegetable into a mouthwatering meal. Even since 2005, Michelle claims she’s been striving to lead a healthier lifestyle. On her blog, you’ll find all kinds of recipes targeted at vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians that will seriously make you hungry!

6. @savorythoughts

AJ & Mirlene’s Savory Thoughts Instagram page will put a big smile on your face one post at a time. The couple is passionate about food and loves to share recipes they’ve tried in other parts of the world. They specialize in Haitian dishes, but they’re not shy about blending these recipes with American dishes as well. If Haitian eggs, plantain bowls, seafood, and Instant pot recipes are your thing, give this creative team a follow. 

7. @thehungryhutch

Not sure what to do with your leftover roast chicken? Let Aaron Hutcherson, aka The Hungry Hutch on Instagram, show you how to turn it into a chicken dish that will get tons of “oohs” and “aahs.” As a child, he hung around the kitchen a lot to lend his family a hand while cooking. That’s when his love for food began, and eventually, he started experimenting with different ways of making new dishes. Some of the dishes you’ll find on his feed? Honey mustard baked chicken, pasta with eggplant, tomato and olive sauce, orange Bundt cake with vanilla glaze, and more! 

8. @thehangrywoman

Don’t get angry. Get hangry with The Hangry Woman by Mila Buckley. As a type 1.5 diabetic (LADA), she knows how important it is to eat healthily. To that end, she likes to make cooking joyful by coming up with creative low-carb recipes like salmon Caesar salad, avocado tomatillo salsa dip, and sugar-free desserts that are just as delicious as their less healthy counterparts.

9. @dudethatcookz

Louisiana-bred, Houston-based Eric Jones and his wife Shanna, have teamed up to create the most decadent comfort food ever. Spice up your feed with delicious recipes like creamy tortellini soup, flaming hot Buffalo chicken wings, Creole chicken & sausage Jambalaya, or some Cajun salmon croquettes. 

As a “regular country boy,” as he likes to call himself, Eric loves to layer flavors and experiment in the kitchen. He grew up with two grandmothers who had their own separate styles of cooking, and that taught him a lot. And while he admits that some of his options aren’t always 100% healthy, he’s dedicated to using wholesome ingredients to create tasty recipes that are really good for the soul. 

On the other hand, his wonderful wife, Shanna, manages his website and snaps photos of his dishes. This allows him to dedicate himself to cooking his wonderful treats. 

10. @domnthecity

Dominek’s culinary philosophy is simple: “Enjoy your dining experience and share it with others.” Aside from being an avid Yelp Eliter, Dominek uses her vast knowledge of cultures and foods to critique and promote foods from various eating establishments on her colorful Instagram feed. For example, did you know that Georgetown Cupcake SoHo has one of the tastiest cupcakes in the city? Her mission is to post foods that are da bomb from New York City and other places she visits!

11. @_seasonedtotaste

Carita believes in simplicity. To that end, this Southern gal provides recipes that are simplified and seasoned to taste with your typical southern traditional charm. You’ll find tons of scrumptious dishes on her blog, Seasoned to Taste. Her meals look restaurant-worthy, but even if it looks like she spent 20 hours in the kitchen, Carita’s recipes are not complicated to make whatsoever. In fact, this foodie’s goal is to help her followers get over their fear of cooking to create something delicious for themselves and their loved ones.

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