Choose Your Abu Dhabi Morning Desert Safari Package Wisely: Top 5 Tips to Consider

Take the guesswork out of choosing your morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi. Here are five tips that can help you pick the tour best suited to you

Abu Dhabi Morning Desert Safari

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in the mesmerizing desert of Abu Dhabi? Hold on to your sand hats and buckle up for a wild ride! The capital of the United Arab Emirates is renowned for its extravagant skyline, luxurious lifestyle, and jaw-dropping desert safaris. 

However, with so many options, selecting the perfect morning desert safari package can be as challenging as navigating through a sandstorm blindfolded. Fear not, intrepid explorers, for I have gathered the top 5 tips to help you make a wise choice and ensure an unforgettable experience. 

Abu Dhabi Morning Desert Safari

Tip 1: Research and Compare Different Tour Operators

The quest for the perfect Abu Dhabi morning desert safari package begins! It’s time to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and embark on a research expedition. 

Imagine yourself as a desert detective, sifting through the virtual sands of countless tour operator websites. Examine their offerings with a magnifying glass (or maybe just your reading glasses). Look for the shining stars, the operators that make your heart skip a beat. Seek out the legends of the desert, those with a solid reputation and glowing reviews. Let the tales of satisfied adventurers guide you toward the right path.

But hold your camels, dear explorer! Don’t just stop at the first mirage that catches your eye. Compare, my friend, as your Abu Dhabi morning desert safari packages depend on it (which it kinda does). Dive into the details of each package, like a parched traveler diving into an oasis. How long is the safari? What activities are included? Are there any extra perks that make your desert-loving heart skip a beat? Take note of the price range, but don’t let it cloud your judgment. Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the sandiest paradise.

Tip 2: Consider the Inclusions and Exclusions of the Package

When choosing a morning desert safari package in Abu Dhabi, it is crucial to consider the inclusions and exclusions of the package carefully. Each tour operator may have different offerings, and knowing exactly what you’ll be getting for your money is important.

Start by looking for details about the activities included in the package. 

Does it include dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, or any other thrilling experiences you’re looking forward to? Make sure the package covers all the activities you’re interested in.

Tip 3: Read Reviews and Testimonials

Unmask the truth about tour operators, my discerning desert adventurers! Dive into the world of reviews and testimonials, where the voices of past explorers echo through the digital dunes. Seek the wisdom of those who have felt the sand before you. Positive reviews, like rays of sunshine, will warm your heart and assure you of a stellar experience. 

Look for praise from professional guides, safety precautions, and overall satisfaction. But beware, my savvy sand seekers! Negative reviews are the warning signs, the rattlesnakes in the sand. If a tour operator gets consistently bad reviews, run faster than a cheetah on caffeine. 

Tip 4: Check the Safety Measures and Equipment Provided

Before you jump headfirst into the desert safari madness, take a moment to consider your well-being. We’re not talking about wrapping yourself in bubble wrap (although it’s a tempting thought). No, we’re talking about checking the safety measures and equipment your chosen tour operator provided. 

Are their guides seasoned desert warriors with impressive qualifications? Do they follow local safety guidelines like responsible speed limits and vehicle maintenance? And let’s not forget about the mighty steeds that will carry you through those sandy dunes – are they in tip-top shape? If you have any specific concerns, don’t be shy! Reach out to the tour operator and unleash your worries on them. 

A good operator will put your mind at ease and ensure that your desert adventure is as safe as it is thrilling. Remember, folks, that safety is the key to unlocking the full potential of your desert escapades.

Tip 5: Evaluate the Overall Value of Money

When picking your morning desert safari package in Abu Dhabi, value for money is the game’s name. Don’t let the price tag blind you like a sandstorm! 

Compare prices and consider the inclusions, exclusions, safety measures, and the company’s reputation. Consider the duration and activities—ensure you get a good bang for your buck. And hey, splurging a bit on a reputable operator can be worth it. 

Don’t forget to read the fine print for any sneaky fees or cancellation policies. Remember, a wise choice ensures a desert adventure worth every penny and then some!


Choosing the perfect morning desert safari package in Abu Dhabi is like finding a needle in a sand stack. But fear not, my adventurous friend! Research and compare operators, check inclusions and exclusions, read reviews, mind the safety measures, and evaluate bang for your buck. 

Armed with these tips, you’ll be ready to conquer the dunes and create memories that even camels will envy. So, grab your hat, slap on some sunscreen, and prepare for a desert safari that’ll make Lawrence of Arabia jealous. Let the sand-national adventure unfold!

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