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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Amwell for MomTrends. All opinions are my own. 

I am not a big fan of the doctor although I used to be a medic in the US Army. Maybe it’s because I have been so much behind the scenes that I would now try and stay out of the scene so to speak. However there are times that I can’t avoid it. Times like my annual checkup. There are also times when I would prefer to deal with things myself. However, there are times when I’m feeling so ill that I would prefer to stay in my house and have my doctor come to me. Oh how I wish I could afford to have my doctor on call and come to my home whenever I wanted to. Is that even possible? Well if you knew about Amwell, it’s absolutely possible.  The doctor doesn’t make a “house-call” but you are able to speak with a doctor in the comfort of your home face to face. With technology being so advanced these days with tablets and cellphones, all you need is a device with a microphone and camera capability. Amwell doctor visits are also now available in 46 states.

What this means for you is no more waiting rooms, and you all know how much we detest those, it seems like you can get worse waiting in a waiting room with other sick people, sometimes some worse than you are who have no idea how to cover their coughs or sneezes. No more going through traffic and sometimes even making it late because the person in-front of you is doing 30 in a 50 zone which may mean having to reschedule your appointment that you may have waited over a week to get. Just no more! Now all you need is your bed or comfy couch, your smart device (tablet, computer or smartphone), you and Amwell. With Amwell you can see a doctor sometimes immediately all from the comfort of your own home. The doctors that are available on Amwell are all board certified, with an average of 15 years in practice, and they are available 24/7, with no appointment needed. Just choose the type of visit you are looking for and select a provider. Depending on the issue at hand, the doctor can diagnose, suggest follow up, and prescribe, when appropriate. Amwell is accepted by many major insurers, with more added every day.  Enter your health insurance information for a lower cost visit.

Recently I wasn’t feeling well at all. It seems like I had a cold that just wouldn’t go away. I was able to schedule and appointment very easily and my visit took about 20 minutes. All my previous symptoms were entered and we talked about what I was feeling and going through. Since I also had headaches (I suffer with migraines), we also talked about that. I felt comfortable speaking with my doctor and I felt good with the knowledge that my privacy is a serious matter. You don’t have to worry because your visit is secure and whatever you decide to tell your doctor will be kept safe because he has to abide by the HIPAA laws, the same way your regular doctor does, unless of course you are planning on hurting yourself or others.

So why should you use Amwell?

  • Lower cost. Consumers expect online visits to be cost-savers; with in-office visits costing, on average, $82 for first-time patients according to the Healthcare Blue Book, Amwell offers a $49 physician visit – a savings of $33. Great option for students in college looking for cost-effective healthcare or those between jobs and without insurance.
  • Accessibility.  After hours, on weekends and in the middle of the night (24/7/365) availability. Great for those who do have transportation or when you don’t feel well enough to drive and those who are newly relocated and don’t have providers yet.
  • Convenience. Consumers are looking for a faster appointment. Now they don’t need to schedule an appointment nor do they need to wait to be seen, especially if on vacation or business travel. The doctor can be seen from the comfort and convenience of their own home.
  • Quick prescriptions. Consumers would rather have an online video visit than an in-office visit to obtain common primary care prescriptions.
  • Peace of mind. Rather than self-diagnosing or visiting a social forum for medical advice, users can obtain second opinions directly from board certified, licensed doctors.

See how easy it is to schedule your visit with a doctor with this video:

Did you know that the Wall Street Journal recently touted Amwell as  “The Amazon of healthcare”. You can read all about it in this article.

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