How To Wake Up Smiling Every Day Even If You’re Tired From Traveling

If you’re a frequent traveler, you probably know about how exhausting traveling can be, especially if it’s in between timezones. Something about losing hours in the day and a good sleep schedule just doesn’t mix. But hey! That doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying. 

How to Wake Up Smiling When Traveling

Even when you’re tired, life goes on, and you need to too. This is why it’s essential that you’re prepared to handle sleeplessness while traveling, and that you’re geared to catch up on that sleep while you’re on the plane, too. It’s a whole different thing to manage your sleep while you’re living a life on the road too, but being prepared is key. Imagine that you own and live in an RV that you drive around the country. It can make for some bumpy and exhausting days, but if you and your partner invest in a high-quality mattress for couples, it makes all the difference.

Today, we’re going to talk about all the things you can do both in-flight and during a hectic day to make sure you wake up smiling, even while on the go. 

Be Prepared  

Sleeping on a plane isn’t easy, but if you’re going to make it to your destination with a fresh mind you’re going to need it. Make sure that you have earplugs, eye covers, a travel pillow, and the right clothes ready. 

You never know if it’ll be too cold or too hot on the way over, so make sure you dress in layers of loose clothes. Exercise and eat light before your flight to make sure you’re feeling good on the day of your flight, and expect flight delays – they’re part of life at the airport! 

Travel Right 

Make sure that you’re traveling right on the plane. This means no alcohol or caffeine – they’re both going to make you need the bathroom more often and dehydrate you. Make sure you’re not traveling with the flu or anything that would block your ears. In that case, the pressure in the airplane cabin might cause damage or severe pain to your eardrums. 

Don’t take naps that are too long on the flight. Anything over 45 minutes might have you slipping into a deep sleep and you’ll wake up feeling groggy and sleepy instead of refreshed. If you want to sleep on a longer flight, sleep on the second half of it or closer towards the end of the flight. That way you’ll wake up refreshed and ready for action when the flight lands. 

Adjusting to Another Time Zone 

Make sure you have exposure to as much sunlight as possible during the day so your circadian rhythm can adjust according to where you are. Keep your meetings and important activities aligned with time back home while you adjust, and don’t take any naps during the day so you can adjust properly. 

Avoid any caffeine or alcohol while you’re still adjusting to a new timezone, keep working out according to your original schedule, stay away from nicotine, and take care of yourself. Heavy meals and stress are your enemies on your trips, so try to keep it light and relaxed – especially close to bedtime.

If you follow all these simple but effective methods to keep up with your sleep, you’ll stay energized and refreshed even while you’re traveling.

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