Simple Ways You Can Grow Your Money While You’re Spending Your Time Traveling

Simple Ways You Can Grow Your Money While You're Spending Your Time Traveling


Why does it seem that, so often, travel and work do not go hand in hand? It always seems like we work all the time and only travel when work stops. We make money at work and then spend it while traveling. Why can’t both be done at the same time? Well, we’re here to tell you that it can! There are plenty of simple ways you can earn money whilst traveling. In fact, many people nowadays live a life of travel whilst working remotely or earning money in various ways. Let’s take a look at some of the top ways to grow your money while spending your time traveling. 


You heard it right, our first idea is trading stocks. It’s easier than ever nowadays to buy and sell stocks and shares, and invest in companies whilst traveling. There are many apps and websites aimed at independent investors and finding one that’s right for you has never been easier. As stated in this trade ideas review, you need to choose the right platform, the right types of investments, and the best ways to invest your money. You can work just a couple of hours per day whilst traveling and watch your investments grow. It sounds, to us, as an absolute dream lifestyle. Of course, capital is always at risk when investing, so if you aren’t confident then seek advice or take it easy to start with. 


Probably the most common way to earn money whilst traveling is blogging. If you think you’ve got a bit of a writer in you, start writing blogs and build your portfolio. Bloggers make money in different ways, lots of which are appropriate to travel. Some bloggers simply make money via on-site adverts. To do this, start your own blog, grow your audience, and start selling ad space. Once your audience is large enough, you may also get asked to do sponsored posts. For these, a company will ask you to blog about their business, a specific location, or an item they sell. In return, you will receive a fee or free products. Finally, many bloggers eventually get asked to post guest blogs on other websites or for other publications. These will be paid gigs, giving you a nice income on the side. The other benefit of guest blogging is that your guest posts will make your own blog more popular, leading to more visitors and more ad revenue. A perfect cycle.


Another way to make income – which is similar to travel blogging – is to take and sell photos. This may sound crazy, but let us explain! There are two key ways to make money from selling photos. The first is to upload your photos to stock-image websites. Through these sites, people buy photos for use in articles, publications, or videos. You will receive a fee every time your photo is used for any professional purpose. Take as many great travel photos as you can and upload them to stock sites, then watch your payments grow. Another way to sell photography is, of course, direct to consumers. Set up a free photo-based web store and sell high-quality prints to people. Many online retail companies will print, package, and ship your prints on-demand, so you can do the work while traveling!


If you want to travel for extended periods, leaving your home behind, why not rent it out. For security, you could rent to proper tenants who you want to live in your home for an extended period of time. This is a guaranteed, steady income stream that will keep you afloat whilst traveling the world. If you are unsure of how long you will travel for, or fancy taking a more high-risk, high-reward approach, consider short term lets. Short-term let us use sites like Airbnb to link vacationers with empty properties. This way, you can charge per night, often at a higher rate, giving you more income. The only downside is, you will need to ensure your property is busy and full regularly to guarantee that income is coming in. Either way works, and is a tactic that many use. 


By using one, or many, of these simple ways to get an income whilst traveling, you will guarantee yourself an increasing bank account despite being away from home. All of the above are great ways to grow your money with little effort and great reward. We hope you can make one of them work for you and get to spend lots of time traveling and earning at the same time.

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