Fun Things to Do with Your Kids on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is right around the corner. What do you have planned? There are plenty of fun things you can do with your family this Memorial Day, including watching a parade, going camping, and even setting up a movie marathon. If you’re not sure what you’ll do this weekend, then get ready to plan your weekend with these fun things to do with your kids on Memorial Day.

Watch the Parade

Start your own family tradition on Memorial Day by watching your local parade. Many cities, both big and small, arrange to have a Memorial Day parade through the streets. Your kids will love watching the different displays and floats. If they’re lucky, they might even get candy thrown to them from those involved in the parade.

Go Fishing

If you’re looking for things to do with the kids this Memorial Day, plan a quick fishing trip with them. You don’t need to travel somewhere far away to do this. Simply visit a local lake or river and bring the fishing poles along. Your kids will love standing out in the sun, trying to one-up each other with who can catch the biggest fish. Even if you don’t catch a thing, you’ll enjoy the chance to bond with your kids.

Go Camping

Many businesses and schools are closed on Monday, which means you have a long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day with your family. Take advantage of this by taking the family on a camping trip. You can rough it with tents or camp in luxury by renting a cabin. Regardless, your entire family will love going camping over Memorial Day.

Bring a Swimsuit

Traditionally, Memorial Day is the “start” of summer. It’s when pools are opened and people have fun swimming! This Memorial Day, make a fun event for the whole family by bringing a swimsuit and taking a dip in some water. Whether you go swimming in a pool or take a trip to the lake, be sure to have fun in the water.

Have a Movie Marathon

Even with all of the fun events you have planned for Memorial Day, don’t forget to remember what this holiday is all about. Memorial Day is used to commemorate those who have fallen in the line of duty. These heroes gave their lives so that our country could live free. Celebrate these selfless acts by lining up a movie marathon filled with patriotic movies. No matter how old your kids are, they’ll enjoy watching movies and you’ll get a chance to tell your kids about any service members close to your family that has given their lives for their country.

What are your favorite Memorial Day activities?

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