Fourth of July Backyard Activities and Games for Kids

 The Fourth of July is right around the corner, so you know what that means, right? It’s time to celebrate and honor our country with a good old fashioned barbecue, some fireworks, and a few backyard activities and games that will keep the kids entertained. 

fourth of july games

Take advantage of the warm weather and make this holiday memorable with these epic kid-friendly games that are fun for all ages.

1. Patriotic Yard Bowling

Gather the kids and grab some paint because it’s time to DIY your very own patriotic yard bowling with some old cans. First, paint the soup cans red, white, and blue. Give the kids some leeway to paint stars, stripes, and geometric shapes. 

Once they dry, stack the cans up or in pyramid form in the backyard. Then, grab anything that can substitute for a bowling bowl (but make sure the object is strong enough to tip over the cans) and take turns bowling! 

2. Red, White, and Blue Tic Tac Toe

First, find some string or tape to create a tic tac toe grid on the grass. Then, grab some cardboard and a marker and have the kids draw giant X’s and O’s. Cut them up and paint each letter red, white, and blue. You can also save time by purchasing some cheap wooden letters on Amazon if you’re too busy planning your Fourth of July menu. Now, how simple is that? 

3. Play a Patriotic Game of Concentration

Have the kids sit in a circle in the backyard. Then get the first person to name something red. The next person has to name something white, and the next person has to name something blue, and so on. The number one rule of the game is not to repeat the same thing or go totally blank. If a player can’t think of anything after 20 seconds, they’re out. In the end, there will be only one winner. 

4. Have a Tug-of-War

Grab a rope and separate the family into two teams so that each group will be on opposite sides. Now make a line with grass-friendly paint or place an object in the middle. This will be the point of no return. The objective will be to tug on the rope and get the other team to cross the line. Whoever crosses it loses.

5. Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

Hide American flags, figurines of soldiers, mock mini versions of the Declaration of Independence, or even a bell that symbolizes the Liberty Bell throughout the backyard. Then print out some clues that will guide the little ones to all the items. Whoever gets the most items on the Scavenger Hunt list gets an extra cupcake or a fun special surprise. 

6. Have a Potato Sack Race

Grab some potato sacks and have the kids decorate them with red, white, and blue colors to symbolize the colors of the American flag. You can even buy a few stars or ribbons on Amazon and glue them to each potato sack. When everyone is ready to play, blow a whistle and have the participants hop their way to the finish line. Whoever wins first gets to pick the patriotic film for the evening, like “National Treasure” or “An American Tail.”

7. Play A Fourth of July Balloon Pop Game

Place a “Congratulations! You Won!” note inside the red, white, and blue balloons. Then inflate them and place them around the backyard along with other balloons that don’t contain a note. Kids will have to run around the backyard hunting for these balloons and popping them. The first kid to find the note gets a special treat like an American flag cake or a sparkler they can light up at night.

In Conclusion

Celebrating the Fourth of July with a few backyard activities and games is always a great idea. Whether you decide to have a game of patriotic yard bowling or a balloon pop scavenger hunt, your kids will be sure to have an amazing time. If you’re lucky, the adults may even join in on these kid-friendly festivities!

So make sure to take advantage of the warm weather by having some outdoor fun for the whole family this holiday! Happy Fourth of July!

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