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I’m a big fan of dolls if you haven’t noticed by now. I have little ones, big ones and dolls of all different races and nationalities. What better way to start practicing my social skills than with pretending with my dolls. Mommy and I recently received the Adora Bathtime Doll Frog and I have to say that this is another hit of mine. After all I love taking baths and this is made just for that. To take a bath with me.

Adora BathTime babies are the perfect doll for the bath, pool or any water fun! Each BathTime baby comes with their very own wash cloth and removable animal themed bath robe that when taken off shows the adorably cute swimsuit printed body. From their tiny little noses to their belly buttons… they are absolutely adorable, a perfect blend of sweetness and love for infants on up. Their exclusive “QuikDri” body will dry in no time and ready to play again. 

$34.99 – Recommended age: 12m+

When my doll arrived I continuously pushed on the box until mommy decided that she was going to open it for me. As you may have noticed from my posts, mommy tend to take her sweet time before opening my boxes. I’m always impatient and can’t wait to see what’s on the inside. Mommy not so much. 

The Adora Bathtime Babies are a little smaller than your usual doll. They are 13″ tall but perfect for what they are designed for which is to take a bath with you. That’s why they are called bathtime babies. They all come with their bathrobe on and under their robe is a body that is made with cloth and has little beads on the inside. That’s the only way I can describe it. The body is also printed to look like they are wearing a swimsuit. They are also 100% machine washable. Which is awesome. I took a bath with mine but because the body is all vinyl besides the head, arms and legs I had to let it dry which took a while. I would rather play with my doll than have her out of action because she’s wet. 

She is quite fun to play with because she also can suck her thumb. I had fun pushing her thumb in and out of her mouth. I think she enjoyed it as well because there were no complaints from her. She doesn’t talk but that’s ok. She also has no hair which is ok as well. Not all babies have hair but I was born with a full head mommy says. 

She does have painted on eyebrows and if you notice in the picture below she also has real eyelashes. Her eyes can also open and close. So when she’s sleeping I know it. She’s a really beautiful doll and one that your own little ones will have fun with like I did. 

Now if you think that my Adora Bathtime Baby Frog is adorable you should certainly take a look at the others that are available. There is an Adora Bathtime Baby Owl which would have been hands down my favorite and a lovely Adora Bathtime Baby Shark. Don’t let the word shark scare you, she’s just as adorable as well. 

Now I really had fun playing with my Adora Bathtime Babies Frog. I have quite an active imagination and decided to give her a bath in my kitchen sink. Now who says that you can’t have fun with your kitchen and your dolls? She’s just the perfect size for your little hands as well. Does the Adora Bathtime Babies get my Two Tiny Thumbs Up? You bet it does! 

About Adora

Adora is devoted to sharing our smiles with you and our friends around the world, embracing all cultures as one big family, and spreading love and joy one doll at a time. Along the way we give to the inCourage Foundation, a nonprofit that creates and gives gift bags full of toys to kids admitted to Children’s Hospitals. Our dolls are manufactured and tested to meet or exceed all applicable requirements of ASTM F963 Toy Safety Standards. Adora Dolls a division of Charisma Brands, LLC, Laguna Hills, California.

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