Valentine Day Books for Toddlers

Today is our Toddler Book Talk Tuesday. Today I want to share with you a few of the books that have been in my toddler library that are perfect for Valentines Day. This isn't a book review per se as we have those planned for later in the day so keep on checking in with us. Toddler Book Talk Tuesday will be updated throughout the day with 3 other books that are also perfect for Valentines Day. We also have a treat for you later this afternoon that I don't think you'll want to miss. If you love books then you're going to love this. Here's a hint. It's a really cool way to store and take your books with you and there's a giveaway as well. Stay tuned! Now on to our Valentine Day Books for Toddlers.

The first I want to share with you is Llama Llama I Love You by Anna Dewdney.  There is a huge selection of Llama Llama books but this is the only one that I currently own. It is simple enough for little ones to read along to and just as sweet. Just like Valentines Day. In this book Llama shows what she does for Valentines day which includes making and sending cards, giving flowers etc. Your little ones will enjoy this introduction to a day that is filled with love for everyone.

Next is Love is You and Me by Monica Sheehan. Although the characters in this book is a dog and a mouse, this book teaches what love is really all about, whether its between parent and child, brothers and sisters, best friends, love is truly the greatest gift of all. It has really great illustrations and the words would resonate with everyone be it young or old. While I highlight this as a Valentine Day book for toddlers, this book is perfect for anyone. 

Here's an excerpt from this book. 
Love is fun! It's feeling free!
LOVE lets you be who you want to be.
Love will catch you when you fall.
LOVE! It's the greatest gift of all.

Finally is our favorite mouse from the delightful book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. This one is his Valentine Day book and is aptly named: Happy Valentines Day, Mouse! written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond. While this doesn't read the way If You Give a Mouse a Cookie does, it's simple enough for little babies and toddlers. In this Valentine Day version, Mouse is making Valentine Day cards for his friends and he tells why he loves each of them. Each of them is different in their own way, just like we are but it doesn't make him love them any less. What a surprise Mouse gets when they all arrive to see him. Happy Valentines Day Mouse!

We selected these particular books for kids because of how simple they were, the illustrations were all beautiful and all teaches the lesson of love in a way that most toddlers would understand. All are reasonably priced right now on Amazon and I would suggest picking up one or two or all three and get to reading. HAPPY TODDLER BOOK TALK TUESDAY!  

Annmarie John


  1. I love those Mouse books! I didn't know they had a Valentine one now. I am going to have to scoop that up from the library this week. They always crack me up!

  2. These look so cute! And thanks for the recommendations. I won't be home for Valentine's Day, and I wanted to get a fun love-themed book for my 3-year-old.

  3. What great books!! Even though my grand niece is a bit young for them right now--she won't be soon and for now Mom and Dad can read them to her!

  4. These are all fantastic books! Happy reading!

  5. We love Llama Llama books! I have not seen this one around though. These all look so cute! I am trying to get us some Valentine's books before the day comes.

  6. I love a variety of board books, I think we can teach kids a lot (including love!) with books.

  7. Thank you for sharing these with me. I am going to be making my kids Valentine's Gifts up and we love Llama Llama and the Mouse!

  8. These are all so cute. The llama one looks super cute. I love the artwork.

  9. These are some cute books!!! I love kids books! Reading with Jaiden is something I love as I already love reading! Hehe. The mouse book looks so cute! =) I don't think we have any Valentines books yet... Hmm I may have to get some =D

  10. I love all the Mouse books. Did you know that they made If you Give a .... into songs as well. They have a book with a cd with it. I think your toddleer would love it.


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