Review & Giveaway: YBike Balance Bike and YBike GLX

Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 

I was not paid in any way to write this review.

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Sometimes I’m all girly girl and sometimes I want to be just like my stinky brothers. I want to be able to ride a big kids bike and I also want to be able to ride a scooter like they do as well. The good folks over at YBike USA decided to send me a YBike Balance Bike and also a YBike GLX. Awesome right?! I surely think so and so did mommy.

Now this is a 2 in 1 review so it’s going to be very picture laden along with videos but there’s a reason for that. You get to decide on which one you want to win in the giveaway. Now that is totally awesome! Now on to the review of my YBike Balance Bike.

YBike Balance Bikes comes in a variety of colors. There is Blue, Green, Orange and Pink and I received the orange version. Just like the name suggests it’s a balance bike that is recommended for ages 2-4 years with a maximum weight capacity of 100lbs. I’m currently 20 months old but I’ve been on balance bikes before so this comes as nothing new to me. This does not come previously set up but the set up is very easy and only took mommy less than 10 minutes to do. Mommy didn’t think of taking a picture of the set up but the only thing needed to do were the wheels.

Now the front of the YBike Balance Bikes looks like any ordinary bike with the single wheel. I had another balance bike before where the wheels in the front and in the back were a lot wider giving me more stability in the front and the back. Since the wheels are like regular bike wheels in the front of this I really have to learn how to coordinate my balance a lot better. My gross motor skill which was already in place and strong and my confidence has certainly improved. 

The back wheel is actually two wheels. Yes it’s not just one. Kinda reminds me of a tricycle but those two wheels give the YBike Balance Bike added stability in the back, this helps me keep my balance. All wheels are also hard plastic and not rubber so you may want to be careful if you decide to ride this indoors on your hardwood floors.

The seat is also wide enough for my little bum so I’m seated pretty comfortable. It is also made of very durable moulded plastic. This also makes it pretty easy to clean as well. The seat height is also fixed so you may want to take that into consideration when purchasing as well. Product dimension of the YBike Balance Bike: Height 17.3″, Length 33.0″, Width 9.5″. It also weighs 7.7lbs. 

I love my YBike Balance Bike and I’m really enjoying balancing a lot better than I did before. With continued practice I will be riding in no time.  From this it is going to be with a bike that doesn’t have any wheel difference. 

Now here’s a little clip of me enjoying my YBike Original Balance Bike. 

Now on to review number two which is the YBike GLX.

Once again set up was very simple. With this the only thing needed was the handlebars which need to be inserted into the base. This comes in bright neon colors of Green, Pink and Blue and I received the green version. Now the big kids scooters come with 2 wheels but this is recommended for ages 2-5 years with a maximum weight of 44lbs.

Now just like the big kids scooter this also comes with back brakes which can be used. The wheel also is pretty wide in the back giving you extra stability. It also comes with raised grips on the scooter deck so I can feel a little more secure when riding because it’s not smooth. The scooter deck is also pretty low so be careful when going over bumps. Unlike regular scooters though you learn to steer by leaning to the sides instead of turning the handlebars. 

There are 2 wheels in the front which is perfect for toddlers learning to ride a scooter. As I mentioned before, I’m currently 34 inches tall and the handle bars aren’t adjustable. It is the only thing I wished that YBike had made different about the YBike GLX. I would suggest your toddler being a little bit taller. The product dimension of the YBike GLX is Length 22″ and Width 11.8″. It is also pretty light weight weighing a little less than 5lbs.

I love my YBike GLX because now I can hang with the big boys and there’s nothing that they can say about it.

Now here is another video clip of me enjoying my YBike GLX.

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The great people at YBike USA decided that they were going to bestow on one Growing Up Madison reader their choice of either a YBike Original Balance Bike or a YBike GLX. You get to choose which one you want! Don’t you just love choices? The giveaway is sponsored by YBike and will be delivered by YBike. Giveaway and is open to residents of the US.  Winner will be randomly selected by PunchTab and will have 48hrs to respond to email sent. Failure to respond to email will result in your prize being forfeited and a new winner chosen.

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