Happy New Year ~ New Year Dreams & Goals

2018 has ended and a new year has begun.

New Year resolutions have always been something that I avoid as much possible, the main reason being that I never keep them. Instead, I focus on dreams and goals that can be accomplished throughout the year.

One of my goal last year was to be more present in my family’s life, and it was something that I was able to fulfill, although not as much as I would have liked. While being my own boss means that my hours are whatever I make them, I would often find myself in front of the computer for many hours working.

A few things happened in 2018 that genuinely drove home how much family meant to me and also what it truly meant to be present. One of them being the deterioration of my vision. Work had to be designated to members of my family while I visited doctors and specialists for numerous appointments. Yes, many of my blog posts were written with the help of my family, as well as the photos that were taken. (Turns out that my son is an amazing photographer.) There was also a breast cancer scare, something that I shared with a very select few, that brought to the forefront of how truly fleeting life can be.

During that time a few changes were made here on AnnMarie John. Blog comments were turned off, not just on blog posts, but also on Instagram as well. A few people reached out to ask if it was detrimental to my blogging. What I thought would have essentially hurt my business (because this IS my business), turned out to be the best thing I could have done, not just for my site but for me as well.

I took the time that I needed to focus on myself, my family and to travel. It was then I realized that the things I thought were required, the millions of likes on a social media post, the hundreds of comments on a blog post was, in fact, meaningless, especially if they were being placed in pods to get them done. I also didn’t need likes and comments for companies to work with me. My blog actually took off. I started earning more money, doing less work and it’s been great!

(Just in case you’re wondering. You can have a million comments on a blog or IG post, but if your work is crap, why would a company work with you? Instead, focus on delivering high-quality content.)

Now, travel has always played a significant role in my life since as a little girl. My mother would drag me around the world on vacations every summer, and it’s my goal to do the same with my own little girl, Madison. While my blog is currently a lifestyle blog focusing on a myriad of topics, I want to incorporate more travel content for my readers. With that being said, here are a few of my goals and dreams for 2019.

  • Visit at least 3 new places (cities/countries) that I’ve never visited before
  • Tuesday’s and Thursday’s on the blog will be dedicated to travel and will have new travel content
  • Share more of my personal life (the good, bad and ugly) on social media; i.e., Instagram
  • Interact more with others (believe it or not, I’m a HUGE introvert)
  • Work on my anxiety and depression

Now those are just a few that are on my list and as the year goes on the list may get longer, but we all need to start somewhere, and I’m starting now.

Happy New Year!

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