Mommy Makeover with M.A.C & Lush Comestics – #BeautyIsAnAttitute

This past weekend I decided to do a mommy makeover. Why? 2015 has not been my favorite year and I’m actually just waiting for it to end. Here’s to 2016! The 19th was my mother’s birthday and also one month since she passed away. Those of you who have been reading my blog posts also know that I suffer with depression so Saturday the 19th which could have been a horrible day for me, I turned into something positive. In order not to sit at home and dwell on the fact that my mother was no longer there for me, no longer there for me to celebrate the holidays with, I decided to go out and get a makeover done. I haven’t been feeling beautiful about myself for some time and when you have negativity in your life it makes you not want to do anything. With my depression it makes it even worse but I know Beauty Is An Attitude so I wanted to go out and do something for me. I also know my mom would want me to be happy and wouldn’t want me to sit and mope around the house, and I’m sure if she saw the final results she would have been happy. I thought that it came out great! What do you think?

Totally loving the new me. #GrowingUpMadison #MommyMakeover #BeautyIsAnAttitude

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It all started with me booking an appointment to the M.A.C store. I had a 10am appointment but my girls both wanted to go along so I ended up having to reschedule for 11am. On a weekend everyone wants to sleep in. Not me. I love getting up and getting going early. The earlier you get out the door the sooner you can get back indoors. I’m not a fan of crowds (blame it on my anxiety) so I like to get there before they show up. I was so impressed with the end results of my makeover I decided to get everything that my makeup artist applied. Here’s a tip for you: ask if you can substitute some of the items because M.A.C products can turn out to be pretty expensive if you do it the way I did. I spent almost $600 on makeup products but it was so worth it in my opinion. Sometimes you have to treat yourself!

Next we headed to my daughter’s favorite store in the mall, Lush Cosmetics. She’s been telling me about Lush for quite some time now and I decided that I was going to give them a try myself. The one thing I loved about Lush besides walking into store that just smells absolutely amazing, is the fact their products are all handmade. They are all 100% vegetarian with no animal testing. So I decided to try out two of their face masks. I have oily combination skin and these two just stood out to me.

Lush Brazened Honey:

Now what stood out to me was the main ingredient in this well besides the word honey, it was Ginger. This was touted as being their deepest cleansing mask and it would leave my face feeling fresh clean and oh so much brighter. I have to admit that I’ve used this a few times and it really does work. I love the feeling on my face and it does have a grainy texture so it exfoliates while it cleanses. I think this is definitely going to be my go to mask.

Cosmetic Warrior:

Now my daughter has been raving about this one and so I just had to give it a try. OK I guess that’s where the difference in tastes/style etc comes in. What she raved about, I wasn’t such a big fan of. I’m sure it worked for her but I just couldn’t get past the smell of garlic. While I know garlic is good for you, I’m not sure I want to really smell it on my face for the five minutes I have to keep it on for. So guess what? She ended up getting this one and she was more than delightful. This one is supposed to be really good for breakouts and blackheads. I don’t really have much blackheads but I do break out occasionally.

The cool thing about Lush is that when you bring back 5 of their containers you get a free face mask. Masks costs $7.95. Same with M.A.C, bring back any 6 empty product container and you get a free M.A.C lipstick of your choice.

So while I’m loving my makeover and I do try to maintain my look I’m not the girly type of girl. I’m a huge fan of tees and jeans and I’ll only dress up when I’m going out, which is hardly ever these days. Sometimes though you need to give yourself a treat and do what makes you happy. After all Beauty Is An Attitude!

Let’s discuss: How do you treat yourself? 

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