Introducing Michael Malu London Niche Fragrances


Michael Malu London Fragrances is a brand new niche fragrance house. I recently did a fragrance haul from this niche fragrance house and I was truly impressed. I’ve made a big departure from both budget and designer fragrances, and while they all weren’t a big hit, there were a few standouts. I purchased all the fragrances from the women’s line and one that they considered unisex. So which were a hit, and which weren’t?

Michael Malu London Fragrances
Michael Malu London Fragrances

Despite the name London being in the name, Michael Malu London is actually a US-based niche fragrance house, founded in 2019.

About Michael Malu:

At Michael Malu, we do more than make fragrances. By combining groundbreaking visual design with an uncompromising passion for quality, we deliver brand experiences that will capture the hearts of your customers.

Our meticulously crafted fragrance collection is a feast for the senses. Our long-lasting scents were created in collaboration with the leading fragrance house in America, using the finest of raw materials. Our stunning Italian bottles are a luxury you can feel. Every inch of our collection was designed to tell a story, taking you on a journey from the very first box-opening experience.

Michael Malu London Fragrances
Michael Malu London Fragrances

Michael Malu London Female Fragrances


Atara is your gourmand fruity fragrance. As a lover of vanilla fragrances, I just had to get my hands on this one. Not only is the scent absolutely tantalizing and sophisticated, but a little goes a very long way. There are notes of black currant and pear mixed with tonka bean, praline, patchouli, and vanilla. This is all blended together so well to give you that warm gourmand scent that will leave you smelling fresh and sweet. The sillage is amazing, and so is the longevity. 


Electric Heart surprisingly, was not one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because I’m not too big on fruity scents. According to the website, “Electric Heart fuses the soul of night-blooming jasmine with freesia, wild orchid, and a hundred-petaled rose, edged by an exotic base of Oriental musk and patchouli.” If you’re a fan of FlowerBomb, you will love this as the dry-down is absolutely gorgeous. I think I’ve outgrown FlowerBomb, so it wasn’t truly a hit, but it is a great long-lasting scent if those oriental fruity scents are your thing.


Joie De Vie was a love. Don’t get me wrong. Joie De Vie is also a fruity fragrance but is almost a polar opposite of Electric Heart. It has top notes of mandarin, apple blossom, and lotus unfurling into a heart of violet, magnolia, and jasmine, wrapped in dreamy base notes of delicate woods and musk.

Joie De Vie is a softer floral, while Electric Heart is a bit harsher and can be headache-inducing. I could smell the apple blossom, and while I didn’t smell the musk, it had a fresh vibe to it, making it perfect for everyday wear, especially during the winter months.

Michael Malu London Ktoret Line


144 Bloom I was not a fan of. This perfume is a powerhouse with top notes of pear, middle notes of peony, and a lasting scent of jasmine, I could truly smell the peony and the jasmine, and not only was it overwhelming, but it ended up giving me a headache because of how strong the scent was. I do have to say that Michael Malu did not skimp on the ingredients, so be careful not to overspray as I did.


173 Candy is my hands-down absolute favorite from both lines. While its name may suggest sugary sweetness, Candy is more of a floral sweet with a hint of gourmand. Candy is highly intoxicating with its top notes of pear, middle notes of jasmine, and a lasting scent of vanilla. Maybe it’s because I’m about everything vanilla, but Candy is absolutely divine.

Michael Malu London Male Fragrance


Citizen Jack Absolute is actually one that is designed for their male line, but this scent is very unisex and I can see myself wearing this more than my husband does, as I have no intention of giving it to him. 😂 According to the website fresh bergamot and melon are blended with a tinge of pineapple and amber, then swirled with a woody blend of vanilla and musk.

You can smell the pineapple and the bergamot when you first spray, and then this dries down to an amazingly warm smoky vanilla scent. This is blended so perfectly well and is perfect for date nights.

I am truly impressed by this niche fragrance house. While they’re new to the market, Michael Malu London fragrances are potent, so be careful if you’re an over-sprayer like I tend to be at times. Their fragrances are just as spectacular, and their sillage and longevity are just as great as those of other established niche fragrance houses. Don’t underestimate Michael Malu London, as I’m sure they’re going to be a heavy hitter in the niche fragrance market.

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