Citrus Lane October 2013 Toddler Box

Its time once again to review our Citrus Lane Toddler Subscription Box. For those wondering what Citrus Lane is let me tell you all about it. Citrus Lane is a monthly box subscription service for newborns up to age 5. The boxes are tailored to your child’s age and I’m now 20 months old and I get the toddler box. For those interested in reading what we got in our last box you can read about it HERE.

Did you notice something different with our Citrus Lane Box? It’s not the usual yellow color but pink. In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. 

Once again Citrus Lane sends this beautiful card that describes everything and makes our job easy. Don’t you just love it that Citrus makes it easy for me to tell you all about the lovely things I’m getting? I sure do! 

Our card read:

Hello from Citrus Lane! Playtime! Bathtime! Bedtime! These are three important parts of a toddler’s daily routine and this month we’ve chosen something special for each of them – a beautiful wooden instrument from our partner Hohner Kids, an adorable unique bath toy from Boon, and an issue of Baby Bug magazine (plus a 3-month subscription to the digital version!). These items will grow with you and your little one – and we’re betting they’ll become some of your favorite, go to toys in the months and years to come. Enjoy! 

I love new toys and I’m going to get my own magazine subscription, how awesome is that? Now on to our unboxing. 

Boat Whistle from Green Tones

We are so excited to send you this launch product from Green Tones, the brand new eco-friendly line from one of our favorite brands, Hohner Kids. Made from smooth, sustainable rubber wood, this boat whistle is not only fun but also a great learning toy – helping to stimulate creativity and curiosity while your little one develops their fine and gross motor sills. We love that she can play with it as a boat toy or a whistle! 

Mommy thought it was funny watching me try to blow this whistle. She tried it first for me and I then tried. I almost got it and I know with practice I will. This isn’t a bath toy and cannot float. I intend to get it and I will. 

Water Bugs from Boon

Good bath toys are hard to find. That’s why we are so excited about this one. It helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination through play. Little ones love plucking the bugs from the water, and if they decided to gnaw on them, its perfectly safe because they’re free from BPA, phthalates and PVC (you won’t have to worry about any black, gunky mold either). As you child grows, they’ll learn how to scoop the bugs with the net.  

I can’t wait to use this in my bath. I have other Boon products that I use in my bathtub but now I have a new bath toy. I will be picking up bugs in my bath. Awesome!

Bops from Good Boy Organics

Here’s a snack that both moms and little ones will love. BOPS – the code name for baked organic potato snacks – is a yummy bite that contains only 3.5 grams of fat per serving. Translated, that’s 65% less fat than regular potato chips. They’re certified USDA organic and free from gluten, preservatives and trans fat. Best of all, they’re baked so you can totally put aside the guilt. 

These were really yummy. Can you tell by my photo that I really enjoyed these? They didn’t last too long either and I refused to share with anyone. Mommy is going to have to find them for me because I loved them!

Baby Bug from Cricket Magazine

The Cricket Magazine Group offers a series of magazines and digital content that grows with your child, like Babybug, winner of the Parents’ Choice Silver Award. The lovely illustrations will capture your child’s attention, while the compelling songs and rhymes will engage her. While BABYBUG magazines are strudy enough to stand up to repeat reading by babies and toddlers, our mommies like to read these as a “mommy and me” activity, since some little ones may need a little coaching to avoid tearing (or teething on) the pages. 

This is my very first magazine and I really hope mommy buys me a subscription.

We also received a 3 Month Digital Subscription from BABYBUG Magazine.

But we’re not done! Citrus Lane not only made our box pink but also included a cool activity on our box. Mommy did not notice this until after she made her video and took everything out of the box for me. I will be wearing my little pink bow in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Look out for me!

I really love my Citrus Lane Box this month. Once again another fabulous box from Citrus Lane. Lets see how the others stack up. Mommy did another little video for Citrus Lane check it out!

Citrus Lane boxes are normally $25 including shipping but if you join today using my invite you get $10 off your first box. We are definitely looking forward to receiving next months box. 

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