Citrus Lane July 2013 Toddler Subscription Box

Its time once again to review our Citrus Lane Toddler Subscription Box. For those wondering what Citrus Lane is let me tell you all about it. Citrus Lane is a monthly box subscription service for newborns up to age 5. The boxes are tailored to your child’s age which is why I’m getting a toddler box. For those interested in reading what we got in our last box you can read about it HERE

I couldn’t wait to open my box and mommy almost didn’t get to take pictures because I was so excited. See that pic of me going into my box it’s a total coincidence that my dress matches it.

My dress matching my Citrus Lane box was a total coincidence, but don’t I look cute? 

OK enough about me! Let’s get into our review. Once again Citrus Lane sends this beautiful card that describes everything and makes our job easy.

The card read:

Hello from Citrus Lane! Beautiful weather means you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. Whether you’re planning a trip out of town or just running around town, we’ve put together items from some of our favorite partners that will make traveling a lot easier! And we included something from Melissa and Doug to keep the fun going when you’re playing inside during those inevitable rainy days. Be sure to capture and share your summer memories with postcards from our partner Postagram. Bon Voyage!

This sounded really interesting and we couldn’t wait to see them all!

SUMO Snack Stacker from ZoLi – $18.00

Mealtime can be a marathon, especially when you’re eating on the run. That’s why we love the SUMO, the larger cousin of the On-the-Go from ZoLi. It has all the same convenient features but you can pack in even more, up to 8 ounces. Everything from strawberries to rice cakes will neatly in to this stackable modular system. BPA- and phthalate – free.

I LOVED this and so did mommy. Not only am I now able carry a snack but I would be able to carry 3 different snacks in my diaper bag whenever we go out. 

Wooden Peg Puzzles from Melissa & Doug- $7.99

Figuring out how things fit together is so rewarding, and this puzzle is the perfect primer for piecing it all together, building your child’s dexterity and confidence along the way. Made of wood, each piece is fitted with a sturdy plastic peg so its easy to lift the shapes out and place them back into the corresponding slot. We’re sending this puzzle a little early. While safe for children under two, they may need a little help putting it together. 

Well I can definitely tell you that this is by far the best thing that I got in my box. It’s not terribly expensive but I love puzzles. Whether I can fit them together or not! We received the Safari Peg Puzzle and I loved that it came with mommy and baby animals. This will help me recognize a few more animals as well and will also help in my hand to eye coordination. 

Cool it Buddy Instant Cold Pack from Me4Kidz – $2.99

While we love reusable ice packs, we don’t love that they need to be kept in the freezer, since accidents often happen when we’re out and about. These ice packs from Me4Kidz chill instantly once activated with a firm shake, providing relief when applied directly to bumps, bruises, insect bites and more. The kid-friendly design also adds a comforting distraction. Toss one in your bag and another in the car so you’ll always have a pack on hand. 

Mommy and I loved the idea of having this handy and in our diaper bag. One went in right away. As those of you who read my blog regularly know, my mommy is a medic in the US Army so she’s all about having first aid on hand for accidents and being the daredevil I am those happen quite frequently.

Fruit Pouch from GoGo squeeZ – $1.61

Pay attention to the expiry date!

We love GoGo squeeZ applesauce which is why it’s always in our bags, in our cars, and stocked in our pantries. Some savvy mommies freeze and use in lunchbags as a delicious alternative to ice packs! GoGo squeeZ has partnered with Life is Good to bring more play into the lives of children in need. Visit their website, share the video and they’ll donate $1.

I have tried GoGo squeeZ before and I loved it so when I saw this I didn’t even wait for mommy to take it out of the wrapper it came in. I wanted to eat it right away. Unfortunately I couldn’t because my Citrus Lane box was sitting on my step in the hot sun so it was hot. Mommy was a little disappointed as well that the expiration date was so soon. Yikes! It’s a good thing that as soon as its cooled, because mommy is putting it in the refrigerator for me, I’m going to eat it. 

You thought that was the end of the box? No there was something inside for mommy as well. Well it can be for me too but mommy claimed it as her own.

Postagram from Sincerely Inc. – $10

This cool app let’s you turn your favorite snapshots into printed, personalized postcard right from your smartphone. We love being able to share memories with family and friends in an instant. Cleverly designed with a perforated edge around the image – pop it out and stick it on the fridge. We are thrilled to offer our Citrus Lane subscribers 10 postcards for free from Postagram. 

 Mommy and I plan on using this since we have quite a lot of relatives that live outside the USA. Grandma for example would love to have my picture on her refrigerator. After all I’m her favorite, at least that’s what I like to tell myself.

Yes, we really loved our puzzle

Total of my Citrus Lane Box: $40.59

Citrus Lane boxes are normally $25 including shipping but if you join today using my invite you get $10 off your first box. We are definitely looking forward to receiving next months box. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links!

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