Citrus Lane August 2013 Toddler Subscription Box

Its time once again to review our Citrus Lane Toddler Subscription Box. For those wondering what Citrus Lane is let me tell you all about it. Citrus Lane is a monthly box subscription service for newborns up to age 5. The boxes are tailored to your child’s age and I’m now 18 months old almost 19 months and I get the toddler box. For those interested in reading what we got in our last box you can read about it HERE

This time it was no coincidence that the color of my outfit was the same color of my Citrus Lane box. Mommy decided to match us up once again. 

Once again Citrus Lane sends this beautiful card that describes everything and makes our job easy. Don’t you just love it when companies make your job easy? I sure do! 

The card read:

Hello from Citrus Lane! Summer is ending and the kids are heading back to school! We know that may not apply to your toddler yet, but we kept it in mind when choosing items for your box this month – like the playground ball from Crocodile Creek and an adorable new book from Barefoot Books. We also included a few practical items from two of our favorite brands CleanWell and Plum Organics. We are also including a special offer from FabKids, a subscription service for kid’s fashion – we love dressing our kiddos in adorable clothes without breaking the bank! Play to learn is what its all about at this stage so let the games begin! P.S. You have something special in your box this month to add ot the fun – our own little ones loved this game – we can’t wait to see the photos!

Wow something special! I couldn’t wait to see what it was. Now on to our unboxing. 

Octopus Opposites from Barefoot Books – $7.19

Here’s a fun way for your child to learn the concepts of opposites. They’ll be drawn to the bright, boldly illustrated images and rhyming text that helps develop early reading skills – octopus fat, octopus thin, sea urchin out, sea urchin in. We always value the opportunity to partner with Barefoot Books, who believe in empowering children through the love of reading. 

As all my regular readers know, mommy and I are big fans of reading and I have quite an extensive reading library so I was thrilled to receive a new book. Another book to read and a board book at that! Can’t wait to read this over and over and over and over…

5″ Playground Ball from Crocodile Creek – $7.99

Children at every age and stage absolutely love to play with rubber balls, and if they learn to catch, throw and kick while having fun, all the better. These playground balls from Crocodile Creek are made of heavy-duty textured rubber in really cool colors and prints (please let us choose one for you) and can be used indoors or out. Fee from PVC, BPA and vinyl. 

The first thing I did when I took this out the box was throw it. I love throwing balls but I’ve never had a rubber one before. They are usually the really light beach balls that don’t hurt so I have to be very careful with this. Mommy promises to take me out tomorrow and play and I can’t wait. 

Fruit Straws from Plum Organics – $0.50

We’re very excited to send you Fruit Straws from Plum Organics! A unique take on the typical “gummy” snack, these have 1/3 cup of real fruit per packet. Fun for kids to peel and eat, or sit and slurp. We like to give them as treats, or let our little ones use them as straws to help encourage them to drink their milk! Since there are two straws per packet, encourage sharing for double the fun with a friend or sibling. 

Mommy and I loved this and were a little disappointed that they only sent two of these. Mommy didn’t get to take a picture because after mommy finished the video, I grabbed them and started chewing on them so mommy had to open it for me which was my grand plan anyway. These were gone in less than 3 minutes. They were really good and mommy plans on finding them on our next Target or Whole Foods supermarket trip. 

Adhesive Bandages from Ouchies Jr. – $5.00

It’s certainly no fun getting hurt, but these adorable bandages will make your child feel just a little better. Founded by a dad who was fed up with all the boring beige Band-Aids out there and with the help of his wife, he decided to create fun designs that would allow children to show off their unique style. All are 100% latex free, and packaged in lead-free tins. 

I’m always on the go and when I’m not jumping on things I’m running into things. I should keep my baby supermodel skin clear but I can’t help it. I’m always having little cuts and bruises so I was happy that this was included for me this month. This went right into my diaper bag alongside my cold pack that was sent last month. So happy that Citrus Lane decided to send something once again this month that is great for first aid.

All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes from CleanWell – $3.49

These biodegradable wipes are made with a special formulation of thyme oil that kills germs naturally – alcohol free and safe for sensitive skin. You can use them to clean messy faces, grimy hands and small scrapes – you can even use them in an emergency diaper-changing situation 

Wow it doesn’t get better than that. So many different uses from a hand sanitizing wipe and it’s all natural. Smells almost like an orange popsicle. Can’t wait to use them but they’re kinda big for my diaper bag so mommy plan on taking some of them out and putting them in a ziploc bag.

Free Trial Offer from Fab Kids – $39.95


Kids are constantly outgrowing their clothes, which is why we like the new subscription service from FabKids. With tons of adorable styles to choose from, you can keep your little one outfitted in all the latest trends without breaking the bank. Use the unique code found on the insert to receive a free outfit ($39.95 in value)! FabKids starts at size 2T, but since kids grow at different rates we sent the offer to everyone. If your little one isn’t quite there yet, we would encourage you to either buy and outfit now and save it for later, buy for a sibling, or give as a gift. Offer valid for new subscribers only.

Mommy plan on using this and will be buying an outfit to save for later. I’m currently wearing size 18-24 months and most 12 month size clothing still fits me because I’m so skinny as mommy likes to say. I call it the baby supermodel figure. This was a great offer and Thank You Citrus Lane for giving it to us.

But it wasn’t over. Remember Citrus Lane promised that there was going to be a surprise inside the box for me. And there was! It turned out to be a punch out bowling pin card. On one side was labeled with numbers and the other side with the alphabet. What a cool surprise!

I am really enjoying this Citrus Lane box this month! This has been the best box ever!! Because it was so awesome mommy decided to make a little video. Its her very first video unboxing so don’t be too hard on her. She really tried to do a good job but she’s not me. I would have done it better. 

Grand total of my Citrus Lane Box: $64.12

Citrus Lane boxes are normally $25 including shipping but if you join today using my link you get $10 off your first box. We are definitely looking forward to receiving next months box. 

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