Citrus Lane – 26 Month Old Box – March 2014

I just love receiving my subscription boxes and Citrus Lane by far is one of my favorite. I have been a subscriber for quite some time and each month I have been pleasantly surprised. There’s nothing quite like receiving a box of goodies catered just for you. Sure I get boxes almost everyday but this one is extra special. If you have no idea what Citrus Lane is, it is a monthly subscription box service for newborns up to age 5. That means I have another 3 more years to go. Each month your box comes filled with goodies tailored to your little one’s age. If you are interested in seeing what we got in my 25 month box, you can check out my Citrus Lane February Box Post.

I just love opening my box. The excitement of seeing that yellow box show up on the doorstep is amazing. I just know that there is something new in there for me. Whenever I open my box I get so excited and if mommy doesn’t remind me to wait to take photos, there would be no photos for my post.

I opened my box and immediately saw a few things that I wanted to try right away. As usual my Citrus Lane “Hello” card is enclosed making my job so much easier to tell you what I got.

My card read:

We are excited to bring you a beautifully illustrated puzzle set from Petit Collage and one of our favorite art supplies from eco-kids. In this box, we’ve combined something to help your little one learn, play, and a couple of everyday functional items that we hope you’ll enjoy. Introducing our subscribers to our favorites is so much fun and we hope that you like everything in this month’s box as much as we do! 

Beginner Puzzle Set from Petit Collage – $14

Our little product testers loved this beautifully illustrated puzzle set designed by author and artist Lorena Siminovich, founder of Petit Collage. The set of four progressive mommy and baby animal puzzles will grow with your child. After mastering the 3-piece puzzle, they can then progress to the 4-piece, 5-piece, and 6-piece puzzles. Made with 80% recycled content and printed with vegetable based inks. Use code CITRUS14 for 15% off at thru 4/30/2014. 

I love puzzles and have never heard of this brand before. A box filled with 4 puzzles of different pieces, how exciting is that? Citrus Lane just knows what to put into my box and I expect I will have hours of fun playing with this.

eco-dough from eco-kids – $8.00

We love eco-dough – an original in the natural dough market. A true family business, eco-kids uses a family recipe for the dough and their children as the testing ground for all new products. Made using all natural ingredients including plant, fruit and vegetable extracts. Kids love the large containers of dough, the soft consistency, and that it doesn’t dry out (and if it does, simple add a few drops of olive oil or veggie oil). Use code CITRUSLANESPRING for 15% off your entire order at thru 4/30/2014. 

I recently received Play-Doh in another subscription box but this one is so much better. Mommy loves playing with me and has a recipe that she uses to make her very own play-dough. Since I love putting everything in my mouth she doesn’t buy the other kind much. This one is great for me and mommy loves that it safe for use as well. This is another hit with me.

Medi Buddy from Me4Kidz – $5.25

Despite your best efforts, accidnts will happen! Be prepared with this easy-to-stow first aid kit. It’s small enough to fit in a purse, diaper bag, or glove compartment, but packed with the most common first aid supplies, like cute bandages and antiseptic wipes. The case is resuable, so you can refill it when the need arises. And, as a bonus, each purchase of Me4Kidz products gives back to the disabled community. Use code CL314 for 25% off at thru 12/31/2014

What better way to have your first aid kit in your diaper bag? This is perfect! Containing 40 pieces of almost everything that is needed in an emergency, and trust me those emergencies do come up pretty often. I currently have bruises on my knees from falling while running. This is perfect for the playground. I can certainly see this being used quite often.

Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion from Weleda – $16.50

This award-winning lotion from Weleda is made from organic ingredients like aloe vera, coconut, and sesame oil. We like the hydrating formulation and the light, refreshing citrus scent, which helps us fast forward our thoughts to Spring while hydrating our Winter skin. Weleda is not your average beauty company – they use all natural ingredients from biodynamic farms and source using fair trade partnership.

This is one for mommy and she just loves it. She loves the smell and the fact that it is great for the entire family. Mommy loves products that contain natural ingredients and we have quite a few Weleda products. They are amazing!

I have to say that I loved everything that came in my box this month. It is very rarely that I am disappointed in my Citrus Lane box. The puzzle was a hit and so was the play-dough. The medi-kit is currently in my diaper bag and so is the lotion. Mommy was really happy that the lotion was a full sized product as well and not a sample sized one.

The total of my Citrus Lane box this month was $43.75. A subscription is $25 which includes shipping but if you join today using my referral link you will get $10 off your first box. You can’t beat $15 for your first box filled with awesome goodies. March box was a delight and I can’t wait for April’s.

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