Citrus Lane 24 Month Old Box January 2014

It’s January 2014! A new
year with filled with new things but one thing remains constant at Growing Up
Madison. Our subscription to Citrus Lane! We’ve been in love with Citrus Lane
since we first started our subscription with them. While I admit that some
months we aren’t too thrilled with what we received, overall the service has
been top notch and it’s always great getting a box filled with surprises every
month. I know these boxes by sight and usually can’t wait to get them open. For
those who still don’t know what Citrus Lane is, it’s a monthly subscription box
service for newborns up to age 5. The boxes are tailored to your child’s age
and every month it shows up on your doorstep filled with lovely goodies,
sometimes all for me, or sometimes there may be something in there for mommy as
well. If you’re interested in reading what we got in our box last month you can
read all about it in our December Citrus Lane box post.

January box came in the same box we received last month. It was covered in
snowflakes and to be honest I love when Citrus Lane decorates their box. They
look so much better than the yellow plain ones that I’m sure they’ll go back to
once the season changes. I’m all about pretty! 

Upon opening my box I saw a bright bumblebee bag and couldn’t wait
to get to it. The color was so eye catching. I’m sure you’re wondering what I
got right? Well without further ado let me get right into it. As usual Citrus
Lane sends a card that describes what I got making my job easy to tell you as

Our card read:

Welcome to the New Year! Are you growing tired of the cold weather
yet? We thought you might be, so we decided to send you items that will remind
you that spring is right around the corner! We’ve included a beautiful shape
sorter from Plan Toys, and one of the most loved items by Citrus Lane moms, a
Lunchie from Skip Hop, along with a snack and something to help out with the
occasional tummy upset. We’re super excited about what we have planned for you
and your little one in 2014 … stay tuned. Happy New Year! 

Shape Sorter from Plan Toys – $14.99

We love this uniquely designed shape sorter from Plan Toys. Unlike
other shape sorters, each of the pieces is attached with a sturdy cord so they
won’t get lost. It also makes a great grab-and-go item to keep your little one
entertained while out and about. In addition to learning about shapes and
colors, this toy helps children practice important developmental milestones
like improving fine motor and problem solving skills.   

I actually liked this. This was certainly unique no doubt about
it. I have had other shape sorters from Fisher Price but I always end up losing
parts of them. Having them attached where they can never get lost is great for

Lunchie from Skip Hop – $14.00

Not only is the Lunchie adorable, it’s also the perfect size for a
first lunchbox. Each has an iconic zoo animal face and a matching zipper. The
insulated wipe-clean interior is roomy while the
mesh pocket accommodates small utensils and an icepack. We
like that it has soft sides that give a little so you can pack
odd-shaped containers as well as a top handle that can be clipped
onto a diaper bag or backpack. 


 Use code CLJAN14  for 20% off any purchase of $30 or more at thru 01/31/14.  

I am a big fan of Skip Hop, actually there is an upcoming review
for one of their products that I just love. This Lunchie is totally adorable
and it’s perfect for those trips to the park. It can fit a diaper, wipes and a
quick snack. Being insulated means that it will be able to keep my water or
juice cold as well. Can’t wait to use it.  

Fruit Pouch from Peter Rabbit Organics- $1.50

Who said pouches are for babies? Perfect for all ages, this 100%
organic fruit pouch by Peter Rabbit Organics is a delicious and nutritious
grab-and-go snack option that doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients or
preservatives. Enjoy them straight from the squeezable pouch or squirt onto
oatmeal or cereal. Throw an extra one in your diaper bag or in the car for a
quick pick-me-up for you too! 

Ok I don’t think I have to tell you that I loved this. I love
Peter Rabbit Organics Pouches. They are absolutely delicious. They are one of
my go to brand of pouches including Happy Family. The fact that the ingredients
on the front is what is actually in there with nothing else added makes them
the perfect snack for everyone! 

Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief from Mommy’s Bliss – $9.99

It can be tough to figure out what to do when your little one
complains of an upset tummy. Mommy’s Bliss Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief
comes in convenient; single does packets to help ease nausea, stomachache,
indigestion, or flu. This herbal supplement contains only all-natural
ingredients so it’s safe, effective and works in minutes. Free from gluten,
dairy, soy and sugar, so it’s 100% vegetarian and vegan.  

I don’t usually get sick
and it’s usually with a temperature when I do. I’ve never had a tummy ache or
the flu and I hope I never do. Just in case I do it’s nice to know that this is
in my medicine cabinet waiting for me. All natural ingredients is one of the
things that mommy look for in a product and I’m happy that this is one of those

Once again another fun box from Citrus Lane. Did you know that I
actually said a full sentence when mommy tried helping me with that shape sorter?
Mommy thinks that she’s trying to help but I like doing things on my own, so
when mommy tried taking it away to show me how it’s done, I took it back and
said “you’re annoying!”. I guess mommy understood because she stopped
“annoying” me. Love my Citrus Lane box this month! 

Citrus Lane boxes are normally $25 including shipping but if you join today using
my link you get $10 off your first box. I can’t wait to see what the New
Year is going to bring us from Citrus Lane. 

What is
Madison wearing? Get the look!

Sweater and
Knitted Beret: H&MKids

Jeans: Baby Gap

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