Bluum 34 Month Old Box – November 2014

I am sharing with you today my 34 month old Bluum box. I received this a few days ago and thought that now would be a great time to share it with you. If you are new to my site and have no idea what Bluum is let me tell you a bit about it. Bluum is a monthly subscription box for both mom and babies from pregnancy all the way to age 5. Each month you receive a box of surprise goodies catered to your little one based on their age. Subscription costs $29/monthly but there are 3 other subscription plans, and the longer you subscribe the cheaper it becomes. You can get a 3 month subscription at $25/month, 6 months at $23/month and 12 months at $21/month all which needs to be paid upfront. I have been receiving my Bluum boxes for quite some time now and there are times where we weren’t too impressed, and there have been times where they have totally exceeded our expectations. Today you find out whether it’s one or the other.  If you want to see a few of our past Bluum boxes feel free to take a look.

Upon opening my box I saw something that totally caught my eyes. I’m sure you’re wondering what it was. So without further ado, lets get into what I got this month!

First Time Doctor by Childs Play

Children ask a lot of questions as they grow – that’s the way they get to know the world! This Child’s Play book series helps introduce them to milestones in a digestible, friendly way.

Why we love it

Parenting is often about making new experiences less scary – and this book will surely help that!

How to use it

Introducing this book to your child in advance of a trip to the doctor can help familiarize them with the procedure, which will put them at ease on the big day!

The benefits

Kids learn from experience – and reading about a trip to the dentist, and talking about the experience before hand, can help them process the new experience.

Regular visits to the doctor are an important part of your child’s routine. This book, which addresses children’s questions and concerns with gentle and conversational tones, can help guide them through their appointment with comforting confidence.

Cuddly Bandages by Tröstisar

Designed to sooth your child if they are worried, scared, or hurt, these Cuddly Bandage buddies can be used alone, or in tandem with the included bandage to help heal wounds and hearts.

Why we love it

Portable, stickable, lovable friends – who stick with you all day.

How to use it

Apply with or without the provided bandages as a way to make your child feel safe and happy if they are hurt or sad.

The benefits

These furry friends help your little one feel secure and comforted throughout the day, even if you aren’t able to hug them the whole time.

By now you’ve probably learned that a hug can go a long way when your child is feeling sad, scared, or hurt. Tröstisar has taken this to the next level and developed their Cuddly Bandages – little furry friends that stick with you through thick and thin.

Turtle Bath Book by Gardner Publishing

This silly turtle just LOVES bathtime with his friends – it’s the perfect time for all that silly squeaking and swimming – and your little one will love it too! Waterproof, and totally washable, this bathtime book will be a no-brainer when it comes to a wild adventure on the high seas (well, in the bathtub at least).

Why we love it

Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to love. This Bath Book from Gardner Publishing means that the world of books doesn’t have to stop at the bathroom door!

How to use it

Throw it in the tub and forget about it! No need to worry about soggy pages or running ink – this bathtime book is built for the open water.

The benefits

Children love to read, and now you can teach them the value of a good book and a relaxing bath! Or at least you can try!

Reading is fundamental – even in the tub! This vinyl Bath Book from Gardner Publishing is a great addition to that long, relaxing soak in the tub your little one likes to take these days — just kidding! All that crazy splashing and water pouring are perfect companions to this waterproof book.

Peekaboo Puzzle Pet Shop by Patch Products

Part game, part mystery, this Pet Shop Peekaboo Puzzle from Patch Products is a great little game. Perfect for tiny hands to put together, this game is full of funny faces and silly characters!

Why we love it

We love a good puzzle, and so do children! What better way to get them involved in the game than to give them an additional layer of fun – with peekaboo windows!

How to use it

Help your little one put each piece together. Lift the flaps to explore each additional surprise!

The benefits

Little people and puzzles are a perfect match! A great way to exercise fine motor skills and cognitive development

This interactive puzzle with big pieces, made for small hands, is perfect for any young child. Great for hand-eye coordination, and for exciting young minds, this puzzle is the perfect playroom addition.

Organic Tights by Kee-Ka

Slide these tights over that little bum and get ready for some warm, cuddly cuteness! Snug and perfectly fitted in all the right places, these colorful tights, with their chemical-free dyes, will keep your little one looking good and feeling great as the weather starts to get chilly.

Why we love it

Kee-Ka brings thoughtful, organic, sensitive skin-friendly fabric goods to the market that will embrace your child safely. Made with eco-friendly practices, and free from harsh chemicals and dyes, these tights are great for staying warm and cozy no matter what the weatherman predicts.

How to use it

Slide on over those piggies and up your little one’s legs. These tights will fit snugly all day.

The benefits

Chemical-free dyes mean that this comfy cotton fabric will be safe against your child’s sensitive skin. The ribbed design helps them fit like a warm, adorable glove.

I really could have done without the cuddly bandages although it was a nice touch. I did however love the books. I received the First Time School and a Dolphin Bath Book last month. While I was happy to receive another First Time book, I wasn’t too fond of the bath book. The puzzle I do love, I’m a sucker for puzzles and I’m really interested in trying out the tights. I’m sure an opportunity will arise very soon. All in all it wasn’t too bad of a box this month but I wasn’t terribly impressed. I however can’t wait to see what my December box will be. I won’t get it until January due to my trip but it will be something to look forward to.

If you’re interested in trying a Bluum box subscription you can sign up using my referral link and save 50% off your first box. Nothing beats 1/2 off. You can post a pic to either Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and tag #bluumbox for your chance to win a free box. 

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