How to Host A Great Pampered Chef Party

I love being in the kitchen and creating new meals for my family – but it’s not always that easy or simple. As a mom of four, it’s hard to keep up with their ever-changing taste buds, likes and dislikes and today’s latest “won’t eat list.” With cooking, there’s always a learning moment that I can sprinkle in with the kids and truthfully, myself.

This is a sponsored post for Pampered Chef. However, all opinions are mine alone. 

As parents, we’re always looking for a chance to build our children’s skill sets, but I’d be ignorant to not realize that I could use a refresher in the kitchen too.  While having heard of Pampered Chef in the past, I knew absolutely nothing about hosting a Pampered Chef party.

When it comes to my kitchen cookware, bakeware and utensils, I'm almost always purchasing new ones because there is still something that is just "missing.” (And if you have older kids, they just disappear to new apartments) You know that feeling that you have…the “I just need one more” or “that’s starting to get old”  That's me!

I’ve visited Pampered Chef’s website before, but not until last month did I think about hosting my very own Pampered Chef party. Before I decided to host, I wanted to learn a little more about the brand and figure out if it were something I’d want to share with you guys. This brand isn’t just about quality-cookware, but about bringing friends and families together to enjoy meals. It got me excited to feel like I was going to get this renewed focus on why it’s important to sit down with the kids (or even cook with them) and eat together.

I connected with my Pampered Chef consultant and worked with her to create a list of my girlfriends who I wanted to invite to the party. Everyone was looking forward to giving ourselves the time to relax, try some new tools and learn a new cooking tip or trick. And shop in the comfort of my home!

If what I’ve said so far has peaked your interest in hosting your own party, I’ve got some thoughts on how you should begin and what you can expect.

Here's what you're going to need to do.

Just like any party, you’re going to need to have people at the party ☺ Invite as many people as you can, and request that they bring along a friend or two. It’s a great way to get to know your friend’s husbands, the “other” best friend you always hear about, or a new coworker who just moved to town. The more people you invite, the more you'll have at your event. There's a high chance that only 10% of those people you ask may make it, due to other obligations, so invite all and everyone! Be sure to confirm the day before to verify who will be in attendance.

My consultant was a delight from start to finish. Granted I hadn't known her before the event, she made sure that I knew what to expect, and helped with invitations and preparing a menu. The more you communicate with your consultant, the more fun and personal your party will feel. It was interesting to learn about what brought my consultant to the business – her passion, the flexibility and extra income. I love to see women empowered in their careers and I love showing my daughter that (like my job) you can do anything you want as long as you have the drive and determination to succeed.

While my consultant and I chose a dish to demonstrate what the Pampered Chef gadgets and tools that she provided for the event, can do, it's also a good idea to verify that no-one has allergies so that everyone is safe.

Also, think about your guests. Do you want to be more playful and host a “Margarita’s and Fajitas” party, or do you want to learn about how to create fast & fresh meals from your weekend Famer’s Market finds? The consultant will help you plan a party that caters to what you and your guests want to get out of it. You just need to be vocal!

This is a real party! Have snacks and drinks available for those who attend, in addition to the meal that you and your consultant will be making.

Get hands-on with the products. If you want to know how it really works, get all the guests to test out the product. The guests at my party got hands-on and were able to give all the Pampered Chef products a try. This is your opportunity to “try before you buy.” Test it out, ask questions and have your consultant tell you how their products are different than other household names. Is it dishwasher safe, non-stick, etc. If you’re curious, just ask!

While they were all great, the one that really stood out to me, in particular, was the Quicksicle Maker. With it being summer, it's a great way to give the kids a treat with fresh fruits, and in little to no time at all.

And lastly, but certainly not the least. 

If you and your guests are having fun, your party is already a success. But as a host, you earn your rewards by how much your guests purchase. Don’t feel any need to pressure your friends – they’ll be buying on their own! But if you are looking online and see products you like, why not make your shopping an experience and get your friends together to learn something new, or just drink some wine!

It's really that easy and fun! Learn how you can host a Pampered Chef party or even become a consultant.