How to Make School Mornings Easier: Caramel Latte with Silk Almondmilk ~ #TastesLikeBetter

How can you make school mornings easier? I share some ways I do it and how Silk Almondmilk help make it all happen.

School officially started here in Colorado and with the kids back in school you would think that my mornings would be easy. Au contraire! Mornings are actually a nightmare here in my household. There is yelling, screaming and sometimes even tears. So how do I manage to get my kids out of the house while keeping my sanity intact? I've now enacted a few rules that I think may help you as well.

1. Set a bedtime schedule and stick to it
Kids need approximately 8-10 hours at night in order to function in the morning. Having a grumpy kid who is falling asleep while walking will not make for a fun morning. Make sure that all televisions are off, along with video game systems and check on them to be sure that they are asleep and not pretending to be.

2. Prepare clothing overnight
There is no need for your kid to wake up asking "what do I wear?" and "where are my jeans?". Have them lay their clothes out the night before school, so when they wake up in the morning everything will be there ready and waiting.

3. Take a shower before bed (especially in the winter hours)
Taking a shower before bed makes it easier for you in the morning, especially during the winter hours. This eliminates some of the time that you would be spending in the morning taking a shower. If you have to wash your hair, do it the night before so that you're not spending unnecessary time in the morning drying your hair.

4. No TV in the morning
TV's are a big distraction, so just say no! I know that my daughter would watch her shows instead of getting ready if the TV is on, so I make sure that there is nothing to distract her. Having no distractions makes it easier to get ready, and getting ready is what we want to happen.

5. Get up ready to start the day before they do
If you're up before they do, then you'll be able to get breakfast ready and start your own day before they hit the ground running. When I wake up I need a strong cup of coffee so I could begin my day. You know me and my coffee, sometimes I need coffee on top of coffee just to jump start my day. That's why my Caramel Latte made with Silk Almond Milk hits the spot. I make enough for two because sometimes one cup just isn't enough.

Caramel Latte

What you're going to need:

2 cups hot Silk Almondmilk
2 tbsp sugar
2tbsp Caramel
6 ounces strong brewed coffee
Whipped cream
*makes 2 servings* (You're going to need it)


1. Heat your milk in the microwave if your blender doesn't have a hot function.

2. Combine your sugar, caramel and milk in the blender and blend until it's frothy.

3. Pour 3 ounces of coffee into  your mug, then pour your milk mixture to fill.

4. Garnish with whipped cream and drizzle some caramel over your whipped cream.

Now relax that the kids have made it to school without you pulling your hair out!

Now while I love my coffee and can't live without it, my family feels the same way about Silk Almondmilk. Since most of my family has a lactose intolerance, it just makes sense to buy something that everyone loves. Silk Almondmilk gives me just as much calcium and even more so than regular milk so my calcium needs are taken care of, with only 60 calories per serving. So next time you're in the dairy aisle, pick up a box of Silk Almondmilk and give it a try.  And don't forget to sign up for Silk's email, so can receive coupon offers, recipes, life hacks and much more by email.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

Annmarie John


  1. Sometimes, the only way for us to have easier mornings is having something that will satisfy our tummy. Almond milk is our favorite. Thanks!

  2. That looks so good! I love lattes, and this recipe is so tasty and easy. Thanks!

  3. No TV in the morning is key to having any semblance of order. When the kids start watching TV, it's pretty much all over. All they see is the screen.

  4. Omg, that latte looks out of this world good. I haven't had my first cup of coffee yet and now I know what I am craving here today ;)

  5. First off, I love your mug! Secondly, that latte sounds delicious. Perfect to perk you up on those mornings when things are starting off a little rough.

  6. Ohh.. I love Silk! And I love caramel lattes.
    Your mug is on point too.
    I can't believe school has started! I dread it because our mornings are nightmares too. I'm going to enact ALL of your tips.

  7. I love your cup and your latte looks amazing! I can't believe school is already starting, it's still summer!! Hope the mornings get better!

  8. Great advice! The silk almond milk is so useful for desserts and tasty drinks. I'd love to do this.

  9. This sounds so good! I love Silk almond products! This latte looks so good! These are also some great tips for mornings. Thankfully we homeschool. ;-)

  10. I do take clothes out the night before unless the weather is totally iffy. We prefer showers in the morning here because they help us get going.

  11. This looks delicious. Saves time in the morning plus $5+! I'll have to try this.

  12. You are very organized to have the clothes ready and the showers the night before. All of these tips seem so easy but in practice mornings can be stressful.

  13. I may have to try this. I never liked coffee until I had kids. Now coffee and I are close friends.

  14. We start back on Wednesday and I am not looking forward to those frazzled mornings. I am going to have to stock up on a whole lotta Silk to get me through.

  15. School mornings at our house are always so hectic. I can tell you that latte would make more morning so much better!

  16. Your tips are spot on! Having a coffee like that would be wonderful to start my day!!

  17. Coffee makes every day just a little better :P It's hard to function without it!

  18. Yum that looks and sounds super tasty! I am all for making mornings a little easier, they are about to get super busy with 6 of mine heading back! - Jeanine

  19. That latte looks amazing! I like to start my day out in silence it helps bring me peace and clears my mind.

  20. It can take awhile to get back into the school routine after a nice long summer. But having a bedtime and getting some of the prep done the night before really helps.

  21. Great tips! Showering at night has made a big difference for my eight year old daughter. Although she never cared about drying her hair in the summer, once school started she had a big interest in blow drying with a round brush - and you know this always happened BEGINNING about half an hour before we were to be in the car on our way to school. And yes to the latte for mommy...YUM!

  22. I have two cartons of almond milk in my fridge right now: we use it every day. I love anything caramelly too, and this looks great!

  23. Some great tips here for making every morning easier - not just school!! Planning my clothes the night before helps me. I love almond milk too, just had it on my cereal! X

  24. This is exactly why I get up an hour or two ahead of everyone else. I want to be able to sit down, have my coffee and read the paper or watch the news without any distractions. I am going to try this delicious coffee recipe of yours!

  25. Oh yum, I need to try this recipe. Your tips sound a LOT like mine. I don't let the kids watch T.V. in the morning either (it' usually the youngest Z that wants to do this), and I stick to a bedtime schedule. Laying out their clothes, packing lunches, etc definitely all makes for a super easy morning!


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