Our Trip to Belleview Park, Englewood CO

I've been trying to get back into the swing of things. For those that don't know, my mom recently passed away just a little over a week ago and I haven't been myself since then. I've been a recluse and have been driving people away because I just want to be alone. I know it's not a good thing to do but it's what I want to do at the moment. For those trying to reach me by cell phone, I've turned my phone off for the duration so that I can be alone. I'm very rarely on social media and have noticed that seclusion tends to do well with me. It gives me time to really evaluate my life and where I want to be and what I want to do. I do miss my mother, she's been my rock and I miss our daily talks, even when she forgot the time difference and call me at 4am in the morning.

Well while I've been secluding myself one person who refuses that I be alone is Madison. Of course I can never truly be alone when she's around. I had originally promised to take her to Belleview Park in Englewood, Colorado before my mom passed. One of the highlight of the park is their mini farm or petting zoo and their mini train that you can ride. Since I've been back all I kept hearing was, "I want to go and ride the train" repeatedly. So I finally decided to get up and get going and take her and I'm glad I did. I was able to get some sunshine and some exercise chasing after her at the park and she had a LOT of fun.

Now Englewood is about 1hr 15 minutes away but it was worth it to see her smile! The park itself is beautiful and has a lovely picnic area and bike trails. I did however promise that we are going to go back. Why? Well in our rush to get there I somehow forgot my wallet which meant that we had no cash to get into the petting zoo. However my car did have enough change (meant for the meter) for her to get her train ride.

She was however able to see a few of the animals that were caged on the inside, including a few birds, guinea pigs (which she has now declared she wants), rabbits and box turtles.

Now the great thing about having a pre-schooler who is content with the world is that she is so very easy to please. As long as there is a swing or a slide near by, she's the happiest kid in the world. And luckily for us Belleview Park has it all. They have a great play area which she enjoyed. Granted to say that I would not only be back because of her but actually because I enjoyed being there too. It's very quiet and the site is beautiful. Where else can you ride in a goldfish?

If you're ever in the Colorado Area I would suggest putting Belleview Park in Englewood, Colorado one of your must visit places.

Annmarie John


  1. So glad you go to go but sad we couldn't join you

    1. We'll do it together another day. I know Madison would love to see Christine.

  2. That train looks amazing! I get it about seclusion - I tend to do that to some degree, but of course, not with the kids.
    I hope Madison is providing you with so many smiles - because you deserve them.

    1. Oh she sure is Tamara and seclusion tends to be working out great for me so far. She is providing me lots of smiles and I'm loving it and her of course. If you ever make it to Colorado we'll have to take the kids on that train ride.


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