Tips to Improve Your Family Reunion

Family reunions can be lots of fun but they can also be stressful. It's a time when the entire family comes together, you get to meet family members you haven't seen in a long time, or brand new family members in terms of babies. Now while everyone wants a great family reunion, here are a few tips from Andy Andersen on how you can improve your family reunion.

Family reunions take months of planning, dedicated teamwork, and a lot of creativity. It can be tough knowing how to pull off a family reunion that has something for everyone attending. If you have a family reunion coming up soon, chances are you have the big stuff planned out already. Here are a few suggestions to give your reunion that extra bounce.

Follow a theme

Think of the most fun and exciting parties you’ve ever been to. Chances are many of these parties had unique, elaborate themes. Though you may not want to spend the time doing something too elaborate, it can be a lot of fun for the whole family to have a theme for your reunion. Your theme could include costumes to get everyone into the spirit of the event, or even have an exotic meal to accompany the themed festivities. If you do go with a specific theme, make sure and include it in the invitation so people know what to expect upfront.

Cater to your family’s eating habits

As tricky as it can be to satisfy everyone’s taste at a family reunion meal, going the extra mile to factor in everyone’s eating habits can make a huge difference in making the reunion an enjoyable experience. Find out if everyone has any food allergies, or if there are any vegetarians or vegans in your family that will need alternative meal options. If every single member of the family is well fed, making the rest of the reunion enjoyable will be that much easier.

Or consider going to a restaurant

This alternative meal option may not be feasible for every family, but if you have the means, eating at a restaurant can be a fun, easy way to ensure that everyone eats what they want. If you want to eat somewhere nice, but are worried about the cost, consider having everyone attending the reunion chip in upfront so that the overall expense is paid for without excluding families with varying incomes.

Design cool t-shirts

When you hear “family reunion t-shirt”, you probably think of the horrendous looking designs and colors of family reunions past. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available online so you’ll never have to compromise on style while providing a keepsake that family members will be happy to wear for years to come. Check out this online apparel design studio to design a great looking shirt for your family reunion.

Make a family history book

Find some genealogy software capable of printing books for your family, gather some cherished family pictures, ancestral information, etc., and create a keepsake that will remind everyone what family reunion’s are all about. Get the whole family involved and ask everyone to submit family photos, stories, and information to make it a true family project. Leave space open for updates so that the book can grow over the course of many reunions.

Play trivia games

Family reunions are usually host to a wide variety of games, usually outdoor ones. The next reunion may be the time to mix up the festivities with an elaborate trivia game. Consult with the whole family, learn everyone’s interests, and compile it all together in a trivia game that will challenge and titillate the minds of the entire family.

Have a talent show

While we’re on the subject of the interests of the whole family, a talent show is the perfect way to end a family reunion. It’s a great way to get every family member involved, let everyone get to know each other better, and display the talent and ability that makes your family unique. There may be some shy family members that would prefer to sit back and enjoy the show, so it might be best to send out a sign-up sheet before the reunion so everyone who wants to participate can do so without alienating the others.

Prepare for the unexpected

No matter how much you plan for your family reunion, you’ll inevitably come up against an unexpected road bump or two. If something comes up, don’t sweat it. Chances are, the day is not ruined. Take the unexpected in stride and don’t let it spoil your special family time.

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  1. Family reunions can be fun. My cousin hosts one every two years or so at her house. We really don't do anything special but it is still great to see all my cousins and to see how their kids have grown! Some of the above would probably enhance any party not only a family reunion!

  2. I think we all realize that family reunions could be fun, but expectations can vary and get out of hand.

  3. Gosh I haven't been to a family reunion in years, but they were always so fun and there were always t-shirts and games....and guaranteed some unexpecteds lol.

  4. These are all great ideas. I love the idea of family trivia game. It would be a fun way to learn some new things about your family. I can't remember the last reunion I went to.

  5. We have never had any family reunions. Well, my husband's family always have every year but we haven't attended any yet. Great tips.

  6. I like the idea of having a talent show. My family lives far apart so it would be nice to have something memorable.

  7. These are wonderful tips. Games and Karaaoke are always a part of our family reunions.

  8. Wonderful post! I love the idea of a theme because to me they make everything better :-). My family is at the weird juncture where a different generation (mine) are the ones that need to pick it up. This helped push me along. Thanks!

  9. We grew up close to our extended family but never did formal reunions. Now that we're all older that would be a lot of fun to do!

  10. We very rarely get together anymore for a reunion but we desperately need to! This post is just what I needed to get motivated to plan one! Thank you! :)

  11. We have had a family get together every holiday or special occasion since my dad was diagnosed with terminal lung disease. The family t-shirts is an awesome idea that we haven't done yet. It would be awesome to do this for the 4th of July. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Loved the post.theme idea is great.but honestly i dnt knw how many of mu family members will agree with that :p

  13. When my friends and I get together for a party, it almost always is pot lock. We set up a group email so everybody knows what everybody is bringing. Or we assign stuff to those who haven't volunteered yet. It takes the stress out out of doing everything yourself.

  14. I don't think we have had a family reunion since I was 12! It would be nice if we did have them every year though!

  15. Cool shirts are the best part of a reunion! I like to see funny ones at theme parks with crazy quotes. We haven't had a reunion at all!

  16. I think eating at restaurant at family reunion can give you more options. It's also can also be cheaper and easier way to prepare food.

  17. Great ideas for a family reunion, particularly the talent show idea! Such a great way to get caught up on everyone's interests and accomplishments. :) Going to a family reunion next month, I'll have to suggest some of these ideas - thanks!

    lauriel of

  18. I just wrote an article about family reunions as well. I guess what they say great minds think alike. Thanks for these added tips.

  19. having a one goo THEME always helps. We usually do costume parties :) Great ideas indeed!


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