AAF with Stacey of This Momma's Ramblings

It's been a while since I've done an Ask Away Friday and when I requested to team up with someone, Stacey of This Momma's Ramblings came to my recuse to be my trusted partner. Stacey is a mom to 3, married to her hubby for 13 years, home-schools her 2 youngest & lives in the midwest. She loves listening to music and reading romance novels. Sounds like we have quite a bit in common. So what were her questions, and what were my answers? You'll have to read to find out.

Hooray for #AskAwayFriday, the most amazing link up ever!

What is #AskAwayFriday? Well...
#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fit Mom, as a way to connect with other bloggers with a great Q & A session of 10 questions and 10 answers, between two bloggers! This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know others while allowing others to get to know you and of course there is also the added bonus of making great friends along the way which is one of the best parts of this online world!


Now welcoming our wonderful #AskAwayFriday hosts...

Tamara from Tamara Like Camera, Tiffany from Mrs. Tee Love Life Laughter, Christy from Uplifting Families, Stacey from This Momma's Ramblings and Echo from The Mad Mommy

Now I did tell Stacey that these were to be no-holds barred questions but she still went easy on me. So now on to our questions.

1. What types of hobbies do you enjoy?
I am not a hobby type of person. I do however love to read. I've always enjoyed reading and learned to read at an early age. I remember my mom getting me a West Indian Reader that had simple words like pig, fig, jig, "can a pig dance a jig for a fig?". Once I learned how to read there was no stopping me. I actually entered Kindergarten already knowing how to read and it made school so much easier for me. At least that's what I think. 

2. What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?
My love of chocolate. Even though I think I'm getting fat just eating it and I tend to break out after eating it, I just can't give up eating it. I really love Hershey's Cookies and Cream and you'll find me sitting in bed, reading a book and stuffing my face with it. I think Walmart and most other stores keep them right at the cash register desk just to taunt me. 

3. What’s one thing you’d rather pay someone to do for you, rather than do yourself? Why?
Clean! If I was truly rich I would hire a maid to clean my house for me. The messes the kids make, although they clean up after themselves, makes me not want to do anything. I love a clean house but I just hate cleaning it myself. 

4. What would your dream pamper day consist of?
A day of relaxation at the spa. If any of my readers, family or friends read this, then you know what I'm expecting for my 40th birthday! 

5. Tell us a little bit about you?
Well the blogging world knows me as Amanda but what they don't know and after this will, is that I was born Ann-Marie. You may have seen a few people on Facebook write on my wall saying, Ann or Ann-Marie, it's really me. I just celebrated my 39th birthday and I can't wait for the big 4-0! A lot of people think that I'm younger because of the way I look but I just chalk it up to my AA genes. :-)

6. What is your favorite way to unwind after a crazy day of mommyhood?
After a crazy day which is usually most days since I have a 3yr old running around the house, I run a nice, hot bath. My oldest daughter bought me some really nice bath bombs for my birthday and while I don't want them running out, I would add one and just sit in the tub and hope for no distractions. I really do have high hopes. 

7. What was the last thing that made you laugh until you cried?
My toddler makes me laugh every single day. Being only 3 there are certain words she can't pronounce properly. She has a habit of tattling on everyone who does something. Whether it's something good or bad. Just recently she came to my room to tell me that Kyle, my 14yr old, was in the kitchen getting juice. He came back saying "You're such a snitch", being only 3 and having no idea what a snitch was, she came back saying "I ain't no b*tch!". I just couldn't hold it in, I just had to laugh. 

8. Choose 3 words that best describe your personality!
Funny, Quirky, Introvert. While I may seem outgoing online, I'm really a loner and just have a very close tight knit group of friends. Once I do have a friend though, you're my friend for life, even if I only talk to you three times a year. 

9. Who would you choose for a celebrity dream date?
I've always had a thing for Johnny Depp. No matter what movie he's in I have to make sure I go and see it. I would totally and absolutely date Captain Jack Sparrow. :-) 

10. What is the most daring or bravest thing that you have ever done?
I would have to say joining the military, the US Army to be exact. In fact the statistic is that only 1% of the population actually sign that dotted line. It was a decision that I really thought about before I joined. I have no regrets and I'm happy that I served my country. I'm now retired and happy being at home with the kids. 
So there we have it! Stacey asked me 10 questions to which I replied and I have to say that it was fun doing another Ask Away Friday. If there is any question you'd like me to answer please feel free to post in the comment section. I'll try my best to answer.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. So I am not the only introvert who blogs and loves to read--good to know!! I agree with you on the cleaning also--If I had money--a maid would be here weekly and I don't even have kids--of course my cat can make a mess in a matter of seconds!!

  2. Absolutely love it! Thank you so much for your service! I have so many fond memories of summers spent at our local library! I actually have 9 full bookshelves, in an upstairs room, with books ranging from kids to adults! Oh chocolate, yes! LOL! I am really trying to limit myself, because it is getting difficult to breathe! I would love to do a spa day, someday! :) Cool, we are only a couple of years apart in age. LOL! Kids can seriously do the craziest stuff sometimes...mine will definitely have me laughing till I cry! I am definitely very introverted, too! Now that I am a SAHM, I can be perfectly happy hanging out with a good book. Thank you so much for this amazing swap! Have a great weekend!

  3. The bravest thing I ever done is giving up my old life just to have My own.

  4. yes, clean! who loves cleaning, really? better to pay for someone else to do it rather than get our own hands dirty (with a sore back).
    this is so fun! I enjoyed reading it! :)

  5. I just had to laugh at Madison not being a snitch. She's just too cute and she's getting so big and tall just like her daddy.

  6. I also love a hot bath after a crazy day. I also hated cleaning. I can do other chores, but if I can pay someone to cean for me, why not?

  7. I really love reading info lists like this! Haha! It's such a fun way to learn more about others.In all seriousness though, so much respect for you for joining the army! It must have been so tough! :)

  8. It's always great to know about other bloggers on a more personal level. I share Stacy's love for chocolate. I don't think I could ever live without it.

  9. What is the biggest obstacles in your life that you manage to get through?

    1. Hi Kelly, I would have to say a divorce. At first it was tough and I thought I wouldn't have been able to make it on my own. We were married for 10 years and it was a struggle not having him around but it actually turned out to be not as bad. It was an obstacle that I had to deal with but as with most obstacles they can be overcome.

  10. Very interesting to know more about another blogger's life even though this is the first time I see her. Interesting how she is very excited to be 40 years old, when I am not exactly thrilled about such things. Hehe.

  11. Cool and fun way to interact will fellow bloggers. It's a great idea to post a Q&A, an updates to share the story as it evolves with your co-bloggers.

  12. Nice way to know each other and the things around the person. Luckily, it's all depend on the questions of the day. Afterall, knowing each other is a positive sign of love.

  13. Awww... That's actually a great way to let people know that you are not alone with the struggles and problems! I love how you do it in the interview format and the answers were informative and not the one-two word type!

  14. Having someone even do a one time clean is so nice. It also makes you feel like you have no clue!!

  15. I miss joining in this kind of meme online activity. This helps us to get to know a fellow blogger better.

  16. I would love to join these kind of activities because it helps bloggers to know each other and build a friendship through it too! It's admiring of her to join the army. :)

  17. This is a lovely post. I got to know you deeper. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Impressive that she joined army. Reading is also a nice hobby as she keeps on learning new things.

  19. wow! didn't know you were in the army. amazing. And now this website. One talented lady you are!

  20. ha! I'm eating chocolate as I read this. I can't give it up!
    I think reading is my hobby. I'd say photography but I get paid for it.
    I always think of you as Ann-Marie.