25 Ways to Get Kids Moving This Spring

You may have noticed that we have been missing for a while here in the internet hemisphere. We decided to take a break and have been enjoying the outdoors. I have actually enjoyed getting away from the world wide web and social media for a while with no regrets. Today I have one of our favorite guest poster Alyssa Craig who have written for us in the past and today she brings us some tips/ideas/ways on how you can get your kids moving this Spring. So without further ado, here's Alyssa!

With the weather warming up all over the country, spring fever is hitting hard and the kiddos are going to want to get outside. Or if you have kids that are tied to their screens and you are looking for ways to help them get moving, then this list is for you. Whether your child loves to be active, creative, or needs to be introduced to the games you loved as a kid, there is bound to be something here for everyone.

1. Jumping Rope - With all the different games and tricks you can do with a jump rope, your kids can have hours of fun and get a great workout at the same time.

2. Sign Up for a Team - Find a recreation or city league team for your kid to join. If one does not exist, have them get their friends together and start their own.

3. Waterballoon Volleyball - Set up a net and then each pair of people has to launch and catch waterballoons with towels. Make sure it is a warmer day because they will get wet!

4. Hopscotch - Teach your children how to use sidewalk chalk to draw a hopscotch board and then play a game with them.

5. Tag- There are many forms of tag from buddy tag, toilet tag, or reverse tag (where everyone tries to get the “it” person). A good old fashion game of tag can be highly entertaining.

6. Rollerblading - Strap on some rollerblades and take your kids through the neighborhood or around the park.

7. Train for a 5k Together - Whether you want to walk or run (or a mixture of both!) a 5k is a great distance for just about any age. As a family, train for one of the many races that will be taking place this summer.

8. Scooter Riding - Scooters are another great way to teach help your kid play or even get around! If you have an older scooter that just needs a little TLC, consider this great way to fix it up.

9. Pedometer - Buy each member of your family a pedometer and then have a challenge to see who can get the most steps each day or week. Pedometers range from fairly cheap to more expensive and complex, thus fitting any budget.

10. Buy a Pass to the Local Pool - In preparation for the summer months, buy your family a pass to the local pool. You can even sign up for swimming lessons.

11. Ice Blocking - Buy a block of ice at the store, cover it with a towel, and sit on it as you “sled” down the hill.

12. National Park - Take a family trip to a national park and do some exploring. There will be plenty of hiking and nature walks available plus the temperatures will be more agreeable now than in the coming summer months.

13. Sign Up for an Active Day Camp - Once school is out, your kids may enjoy a day camp to keep them busy. Find one that offers adventures that are age appropriate and will keep them moving all day.

14. Take a Dance Class - If your child has shown interest in dance, sign them up for lessons. You can even let them try a couple of different styles to help them find one they love.

15. Hula Hooping - The hula hoop is an oldie but a goodie. Mastering the hula hoop and then its many available tricks will be the pride of your child’s spring and summer.

16. Make an Obstacle Course - Whether in the house or out in the backyard, let your children create an obstacle course (safely) and then time each other on who can complete it the fastest.

17. Frisbee - Take the frisbee out in the backyard or to the nearest park and let your kids play a great game together. If they are older, they may enjoy a game of ultimate frisbee.

18. Park Day - Designate a certain day of the week to always be “Park Day”. Your kids will look forward to the day each week when they can play any of these games and have more room to run around.

19. Bike Riding - Encourage your kids to go for bike rides and take the time to go together in the evening or on the weekend.

20. Create your Own Olympic Games - Let your kids organize “Olympic” games and then have each child perform in each game, giving points to each event and have an awards ceremony at the end.

21. Play in the Rain - Spring is known for its rainy weather so take advantage. With rainboots and grungy clothes, jumping in puddles can be serious fun.

22. Fly a Kite - Teach your child how to fly a kite and then watch them run around while the kite soars higher.

23. Build a Fort/Clubhouse in the Backyard - Give your children the necessary materials and then let them build a fort or clubhouse in the backyard that they can continue to play in as summer break begins.

24. Plant a Garden - Teach your child how to plant a flower or food garden and how to tend the garden (pulling weeds regularly, watering, etc). This will be an endeavor that will keep them outside and moving for many months.

25. Wii Games - If you let your children play video games, consider limiting it to active ones. These active games can be a great way to keep kids moving on rainy days.

With so many fun activities for your child to engage in during the warmer months, you may have trouble getting them back inside for dinner!

So tell us: What activities do you engage in with your kids when the weather warms up? 


  1. Hope that you enjoy getting outside and taking your break. We all need that from time to time. I happen to think your family pedometer contest idea is AMAZING. I will think of a fun prize and start that with my family right now.

  2. Biking Riding and Park day sound like fun. I would love to explore new areas of the city on bike & we might find a park to relax at.

  3. Those are all really fun ideas. My boys will be outside ALL summer long :)

  4. I love this! These are great ways to stay active for kids (and families!)- I will save this list, we are always looking for new ideas :)

  5. 5ks are quite popular this year .. the great thing is that you get a work-out and also support a worthy cause. These are all great activities

  6. Oh my goodness, does this list ever bring back memories of spending time with my children when they were growing up. They had a favorite park that I took them to if they were really good. They used to beg to go to that park every time we went out to play at one.

  7. Ice blocking!!! Also I never thought about the active wii games. good idea

  8. Great ideas! I never thought of ice blocking before!

  9. Once the weather gets nice, we pretty much spend all of our time outside. These are great things to do.

  10. We are going to do swimming lessons. We can't wait until he is old enough for tee ball!

  11. Love the idea of water balloon volleyball! Maybe try finding a ball with little holes in it to eliminate the need for more balloons.

    We do gardening, the zoo, and the beach. We just ordered a TV for our boys' room so they can play Wii games without hogging the living room TV.

  12. What a fabulous list of ideas Amanda! I'm so glad spring is finally here!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop)!

    Wishing you a lovely day.