What to Do When Your Child's Toys Go on Crazy Adventures

Today I once again have one of my favorite Guest Poster Alyssa Craig to share a few tips with you. You may remember Alyssa from her post Teaching Kids About the Human Body. Today she wants to share with you "What to do When Your Child's Toys Go on Crazy Adventures". You love your little munchkin and you know they love their toys. There are the ones they have to have with them at all times, the ones they have to have at bedtime, and those they like only when someone else is showing interest in them. Unfortunately kids are not always the best at taking care of their beloved toys. There are many reasons toys can quickly become well worn and it is important to know solutions to these problems. Below you will find some common toy mishaps and what you can do to be the parent of day and save their precious toys.

Drawing on Toys

One common occurrence in the world of toys involves a child vandalizing the surface of their toys - or in their minds, making the toys prettier. If your child has decided to mark up their toys, you may be looking for ways to remove their drawings. Here are some proven ways to clean up some of these creative moments.

Crayon: When it comes to crayon, you will want to be careful with how you remove it depending on the material it has been drawn on.

  • Vinyl Dolls: Baking soda and water
  • Wood: WD-40
  • Any: Liquid Detergent

Pen: hairspray; rubbing alcohol; nail polish remover

Permanent Marker: For smooth surfaces, the following are options for removing the marker. Note that some of these may leave residue or may need to be washed off before you give it back to your child to play with:

  • dry erase marker,
  • whiteboard marker
  • pencil eraser
  • rubbing alcohol
  • toothpaste
  • aftershave
  • hairspray
  • sunscreen
  • nail polish remover
  • coffee
  • windex
  • WD-40

Toys in the Toilet

Toys, pens, phones and other objects often find their way into a child’s favorite place: the toilet. If you are lucky, the object they decide to send for a swim is big enough you can reach in and take out on your own. However, if the toy is small enough to go down further you now have two problems: a sad child who has lost their toy and a clogged toilet.

Your first order of business will be to purchase a tool called a closet auger. You can find detailed directions online on how to use it. However, it can be a little tricky, especially depending on the toy, so don’t hesitate to call a plumber to help you out if needed. As toilets are not usually something you can allow to be out of commission for very long, make sure you have the number handy for a plumber available 24 hours a day.


If there is one thing moms and dads know, it is that kids get messy really quick. Whether it is food, paint, makeup, bodily fluids or mysterious, unknown sticky-ness, you can count on your kid getting it all over themselves and their toys. Here are some great ways to clean and disinfect your child’s toys.

Dishwasher: The dishwasher is a great tool for cleaning your kid’s toys! This works well for toys that do not have batteries or electronic parts and are not plastic, as these could potentially melt. Be sure to keep the toys on the top shelf.

Hand Washing: If you are concerned about toys melting or they can quickly be cleaned up, there is nothing like good old fashion hand washing. A little warm water, soap, and a rag should do the trick!

White Vinegar: A little white vinegar is a great way to clean and disinfect toys that have batteries and other electrical components. Spray the white vinegar onto the toy and then wipe off with a paper towel or cloth.

Washing Machine: For plush toys, your washing machine works great to clean those guys up. They may retain a lot of water, so it could take an extra spinning cycle to get the water out. Be careful of putting these into the dryer, as they may have plastic pieces or synthetic filling that could melt.

A day in the life of a kid means some toys will be going on many adventures and sometimes that is going to require some special clean up. These tips will help your kid’s toys get back to their former glory.

Do you have any other tips that you'd like to share with us?


  1. What an awesome list! I'm pinning it for safe keeping. Every parent needs to read this.

  2. It would have to be a very special item to recover it from the water. Great idea for a post!

  3. My favorite one is the Magic Eraser, it took off Sharpie off my wall. Great list!

  4. My son put his toys down the toilet and plugging it up. We had to take the toilet off and remove it! I have used the dishwasher to clean his toys,and he has gotten his toys all marked up when he got out my markers behind my back! These are all get tips in helping me keep his toys clean.

  5. Once, my son and niece decided to see how much of their grandmother's expensive Oil of Olay they could flush down the toilet. Would you believe that Oil of Olay clogs just as bad as any toy? It was a learning experience.

  6. When my child is not looking, I toss the toy really fast. Ha ha.. just kidding but not kidding. We disinfect our toys with bleach and water mix but when the toy gets too marked up it does get tossed.

  7. This is a great post for moms of young children .... at some point or another one of these crazy adventures will happen to a toy! Love it.

  8. Yikes this will certainly be helpful. My kids used to throw toys down the vents...

  9. Oh yes we had had plenty of adventures. I need to keep this list handy because we are not done yet!

  10. Pen and Toilets. This is us. My girls used to draw on their baby dolls all the time. It's crazy. Now my almost 4 year old has to be accompanied to the bathroom at all times because he likes to flush things. This is a great list!

  11. You know with the first and second child I used to wash the toy or throw away something if it got too dirty or dingy, but now that I have three kids... I'm a lot more easy going about what I do with "adventurous" toys. ;)

  12. I remember when my daughter was very young and she took a permanent marker to this little jewelry box I bought her. It was ruined and I was crushed.

  13. These are really great tips. I would always clean my sons stuffed animals in the washer.

  14. This is a fantastic resource! I wish I'd had it available when my kids were little because their toys definitely went on some crazy adventures.

  15. My younger son has always been very mischievous and I've had to rescue many toys and stuffed animals from weird places. It's good to know I'm not the only one.

  16. Putting the toys down the toilet is a nightmare, especially when you find the scene of the crime much later on!

  17. I never knew about the white vinegar. Great tips to share!

  18. 4 kids and I've never had a toy in the toilet, knock on wood!! I have had an alligator go down the garbage disposal (toy alligator) though.. that was interesting. ;)

  19. The dishwasher is a great place to clean so many items! What a great list for any parent or grandparent in my case! Toys in the toilet, not so fun!

  20. Those are fantastic tips. I am glad I did not experience toys in the toilet, yet ,, but who knows

  21. The dishwasher is a great way to clean your kids toys. I used to do that when the kids were younger. Rice work great to dry out electronics that have been in water.

  22. You're such a great mommy! If any of my kids toys go on an adventure, they "die", and there are less adventures in the future. Granted, if I have a personal connection to some toys, I will take it.

  23. We had a few too many toys wind up in the toilet when the kids were little. Always wanting to 'give them a bath' they'd say ... Kinda miss that now. Not so much at the time ;)