Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Are you ready for Christmas? Although you might have all your gifts wrapped and under the tree, it can be difficult to find small items to fill stockings with on Christmas morning. This can seem especially daunting when you consider how big stockings actually are. If you’re struggling to come up with stocking stuffer ideas this year, here are a few ideas you can try.


Christmas is the time to give, so why not give your family something they’ll appreciate! This year, try stuffing stockings with books. If you have younger children, you can put board books and pop up books in there. For older children, you can add chapter books or favorite book series. Even your spouse will appreciate getting a book from the top seller list.


Another great stocking stuffer idea is puzzles. Instead of the usual candy and such, slip in a puzzle for each of your family members. Younger kids will appreciate simple puzzles while your older kids will love spending time solving a complicated puzzle. If you have an avid puzzle lover, you can even give the gift of a 3D puzzle for added challenge!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are also great stocking stuffers you can add to stockings. If you have younger kids, you can include a gift card to their favorite toy store. Older kids will enjoy all different types of gift cards, from iTunes gift cards to ones for their favorite clothing store. Your kids will enjoy going to the store after Christmas, spending their gift cards on post-holiday sale items.

Gift from Santa

If your family celebrates Christmas with gifts from Santa Claus, you can include a gift from Santa in each person’s stocking. Pick one small but special gift to add to the top of each stocking. This could be something as simple as a small toy your child wants, or it can be something more expensive and special, such as a handheld gaming system or a meaningful piece of jewelry. Your kids will love getting a gift from Santa right when they wake up and see their stockings, making it easier for them to wait to open gifts.

These stocking stuffer ideas can help get you started on deciding what you’ll add to each child’s stocking. You can use a combination of each idea to help fill the stocking to the top.

What are some of your favorite items to add to your kids’ stockings?


  1. Love the book idea and am so doing this for the girls this year for sure here :)

  2. I love the book and gift card idea. I only do Cassidy's stocking because my parents do the ones for the kids. I'm thinking of hitting the co-op and getting him organic candies and treats because he doesn't love more mainstream stuff.

  3. Great ideas. Always resort to gift cards as stsndby.

  4. Gift cards are always good. I love gifting them because then it takes the anxiety away from trying to figure out what to get them.

  5. I always do gift cards. It's the one thing that I can be sure of that I'm not going wrong on. Great stocking stuffer ideas here.

  6. Don't forget the fur babies, I get them toys and a gift card so we can rack up on the after Christmas sales ; )

  7. I always small bath and body products, perfume, asos lip balm, puzzles are great or some type of craft set for my crafty kid, gift cards are amazing they feel like the won the lotto lol and scratch off lotto tickets are cool too.