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I was born in the middle of Winter. January 24th to be exact and pic you see of me, I was only 10 hours old at the time. A lot of you may not know this but I was born 6 weeks early and spent a week in the hospital before I was able to go home. Mommy had a rough time with her pregnancy. At 29 weeks mommy was placed on complete bed rest because I couldn't wait to meet the rest of the family. It would have been too soon for me but I was in a hurry to see the world. I wanted to be out and about. After all my nursery was done, the clothing was bought and so was my laundry detergent. The one detergent that mommy has used for over 18 years since my sister was born. Dreft has been the only detergent that mommy has used with all four of her children. The only detergent that she has trusted because of our skin sensitivity. After all Dreft is pediatrician recommended and as gentle as a mother's touch.

The weather is getting cooler and parents will be bundling up their little ones this winter season. One item that parents can trust to be hypoallergenic and gentle on baby's skin is Dreft, the #1 baby laundry detergent choice of pediatricians. Did you know that Dreft has been around for over 80 years? Dreft comes with a babyhood scent beloved by moms and provides little ones fabrics with an amazing clean, yet it remains safe and hypoallergenic for baby. It is specially formulated to be gentle on baby's skin but tough on stains, Dreft brings cuddle time to a whole new level of warm and fuzzy this winter season.

Before you bring baby home it's a very good idea to wash all clothing before wear. Even as a toddler mommy still does that. Being a toddler also means that I now have even more clothing to wash and guess what I still use to wash my laundry? You got it! Dreft of course!

Dreft leaves my clothes feeling baby soft and smelling clean and fresh just like a baby. It can be used in cold water and there is even a special High Efficiency formula for those with brand new High Efficiency (HE) washers. Now here are some tips for using Dreft.

  • Sort fabrics before laundering and wash similar colors together. 
  • Pretreat those oh-so obvious stains.  
  • Follow the fabric care tag laundering instructions 
  • Only use the warmest water for safe garments (And check those care tags again!).
  • Don't just toss clothes in the machine like a madman. Be careful. We suggest: 
      -Start the water in your washer.
      -Add Dreft®
      -Then add clothes
      -Get yourself something to eat
  • Use the amount of Dreft recommended. Use more Dreft if you have large loads, or heavy soils. Remove hard water and large capacity washer since that hasn't been tested. 
  • Respect your washer or dryer. Don't overload it.

I was sent some of Dreft's products and while these are awesome for babies, they are even more awesome for toddlers. The Dreft Laundry Stain Remover is great for stains on your little one's clothing. Toddlers are stain magnets, we spill things everywhere and this doesn't disappoint. It really does work and best of all it doesn't harm the flame resistance of your little one's sleepwear.

The Dreft Odor Eliminator safely cleans odors on fabrics which may include odors from formula, those smelly diapers and even food.

The all purpose wipes safely cleans surfaces that your little one touches. It doesn't have any strong odor and is mild and gentle enough for skin. The ingredients comes from natural sources and it won't irritate your little ones eyes. It's great for toys, tables, countertops, you name it. If your child touches it, it can be used.

These products are amazing and mommy and I truly do love them. You too can give them a try. Head over to Dreft.com to receive a $2 off coupon for Dreft and give the products a try for yourself!

If you're a parent, what tips do you have for new moms? If you're not, what would you like to know? Maybe your question might be answered by an expert mom. 

Join us for a #DreftHypo Twitter Party on Thursday, November 6th from 9-10pm as we discuss the best ways to keep baby comfortable and safe from the cold this winter season with pediatrician Dr. Dyan Hes, a New York Magazine 2013 Top Doctor - and mother of two!

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Prizing includes:

  • Prize #1 -  Our approved blogger Dreft prize pack (2 bottles of Dreft; 1 set of Dreft wipes; 1 laundry stain remover; 1 to-go stain remover; 1 odor eliminator and fabric refresher) + $25 gift card for Little Me clothing and Little Me footie pajamas.

Here are the ways to connect with Dreft:

Now you too can win a package of Dreft products worth $108. That exact package that you see in the photo above. Products include:

  • Dreft Laundry Detergent
  • Dreft Laundry Stain Remover
  • Dreft Odor Eliminator/Fabric Refresher 
  • Dreft Multi-Purpose Wipes
  • Little Me Footie Pajamas
  • $30 Little Me Gift Card

Winner will be randomly selected by PunchTab and will have 48 hours to respond to the email sent. Failure to respond will mean forfeiting your prize and a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

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  1. Don't tags off too much because they may not need even that size!

  2. I would say that get a few different size of diapers. You do not want them all in newborn. Great giveaway. I love Dreft and it's what I use for my own baby. I didn't know that they've been around 80 years. Holy moly!

  3. Madison you're such a cutie! I don't have any babies but I know that Dreft is the #1 brand for moms everywhere. Whenever I go to a shower and I pick up diapers I almost always get some Dreft too with a few outfits.

  4. I can attest to this! Dreft has been my only choice of detergent for my son's laundry, even before his birth while preparing for him. You get softness, great smell and a very clean finish. Such a cute baby pic there Madison!

  5. We will be first time parents to a baby in January. I'd love tips on just about anything! Especially cloth diaper tips!

  6. Get diapers in all sizes. Babies will only stay in NB diapers for a few weeks. Do not take tags off of clothes until they wear it. Babies grow so fast. My girls didn't wear half their NB clothes because they grew so quickly.

  7. Sleep when your new baby sleeps. Even if it is just a little 30 minute nap it is rest that you need so much! There is no shame in buying 2nd hand clothes. They are just as cute and your baby grows so rapidly they will most likely only wear an outfit on average 3 times. NO ONE buy YOU knows where that outfit came from. Pre-wash clothing before baby wears it weather it be new or used as it can hold irritants to your baby's new sensitive skin. 1/3 C of Vinegar put into the rinse cycle is an excellent fabric softener and is all natural. It will also lift stains. Like I need to tell this one but I will anyway. Take pictures every day for the 1st year. You will be amazed how much your baby changes over the 1st year! Before your baby is born power cook and freeze meals up . You are going to be exhausted the first few months.You will tire of take out and the casseroles that others bring will dwindle down after the 1st month. You will be glad to have a home cooked healthy meal. One that you made with love and only have to defrost and reheat. Lastly do not let the un-asked for advice get to you or upset you in any way. Folks that care about you are just trying to make things easier for you. They are not trying to boss or make you feel inept. Ignore what you do not like and take with you & implement what fits. Take it all with a grain of salt. Do not get too tired or stressed to enjoy these sweet moments at the start of you & your babies life long journey together. It is a miracle that you are a part of. Enjoy every single second of it as it really does pass by so quickly even if it does not feel that way right now. <3

  8. Always use the safest products and best for sensitive skin on a new baby they break out so easily their little skin is so so sensetive

  9. My advice would be to take advantage of help offered by people you trust especially the first few weeks of motherhood.

  10. My tip for any new Mom is to rest when you can and to except help!

  11. My tip would be to ask for help or even have some friends have a rotating meal sign up!

  12. I know keeping babies on a schedule is important...but how are you able to stick to it with just...life happening?

  13. I will be a first time mom in March & I would like tips on everything :) mainly stockpiling & what to expect advice that no one likes to share

  14. Stay calm and enjoy every minute. Children are only little once!

  15. Get as much sleep as you can and prioritize. You will no loner be able to accomplish everything on your to do liist so best thing to do is prioritize so you get the most important things done !!

  16. take all the help you can get and sleep when you can

  17. Don't be afraid to ask for help, You'll need it!

  18. Sleep when baby sleeps and ask for help. Paula C.

  19. keep a constant burping cloth on your shoulder all day,you'll be glad you did,stuff happens,after wearing one all day you almost forget to take it off when you leave the house.

  20. Don't think you can handle everything on your own, ask for help and accept it when it's offered.

  21. One thing I did was keep putting certain outfits to the side for him to wear at the perfect time or another time and before I knew it he couldn't wear any of them! So, start using those clothes before it's too late so you can enjoy the looks!

  22. My advice is to just be patient and remember that if you are struggling with something it affects your baby. Enjoy every minute.

  23. Rest when you can and dont get to overwhelmed and enjoy every minute they grow up so fast

  24. My tip is to RELAX... Babies dont come with a book we all have to learn what each of our children need and want. All children are different it will just take a little time to work things out. Relax and Enjoy :)

  25. Take the help that is offered, and sleep when baby sleeps. Always take time to shower.. you will need it.

  26. take everything in stride, and go with the flow gl everyone:D