Inspiring Creativity in Your Child

You might think all kids are born with creativity instilled in their minds, but this is not always true. Although some children are more apt to be creative, this is a skill you can encourage in your children. Check out these great tips and ideas for inspiring creativity in your preschooler.

Use Your Imagination

Sometimes it seems like there’s not a lot of room for creativity and imagination in your adult life, but your preschooler is the perfect opportunity for you to stretch those creative muscles. Don’t be afraid to play with your child, using your imagination to build rockets to the moon or ships for sailing around the world. By using your imagination, you’re setting an example for your child. This can inspire your preschooler’s imagination and creativity to grow.

Give Them Choices

Creativity isn't an instruction manual. You can’t give your child step-by-step instructions and expect the end result to be something creative and imaginative. Instead, give your preschooler choices. Say things like, “Hey, I have some paint and straws here. What should we do with them?” You’ll be amazed at the ideas your preschooler has for such simple tools. By giving options and asking questions, you’re allowing your child to make creative choices of their own.

Have a Messy Space

Just as creativity isn't an instruction manual, it’s also not a clean job. Instead of constantly worrying about cleaning up after a creative session, give your preschooler a messy space. This area should be a safe zone for having fun and getting a little dirty. If you have a spare room in the basement or a clean corner in the garage, you can even allow your preschooler to do things like paint on the walls. Your child will love having the freedom to think up new things to do, and you’ll love not having a huge mess in the living room or dining room.

Encourage Your Preschooler

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to being creative. No matter what your child chooses to do, be encouraging and positive. Your preschooler needs to feel safe branching out, even if it’s just by using a different color of crayon for a tree. Anytime your preschooler attempts to try something new, give positive words of affirmation and make them feel proud of their work.

Your child’s mind is filled with creative and imaginative ideas. You can help your preschooler express this creativity by being encouraging and setting an example.

What are some specific ways you inspire creativity in your preschooler? 

Annmarie John


  1. I need to get my kids to be creative in their rooms, not my dining room and living room :) I love that my kids love to draw and build with legos, I just wish that they would limit it to their bedrooms. Today I found legos in the bathroom when I tried to take a shower :) I love that they are so creative though!

  2. I love the part about choices. I am so nit picky I have to make myself step back sometimes and this is a great way. The boys have what we call a craft crate and they pick 3 items and create from their choices.

  3. Oh I definitely give my niece and nephew choices especially when it comes to art. I have seen blue and purple trees but that's what creativity is all about. Not sticking to form. :)

  4. I inspire my preschoolers by doing lots of arts and crafts WITH them and guiding them.... A lot of the time they inspire me more so than I inspire them to do anything tho!

  5. I'm starting an early age with my youngest to encourage art and crafts. I want to do a lot of hands on activities with her and also let her have a space where she can create freely.

  6. Even though I hate the mess it creates, I let my kids play with play doh.

  7. I love playing with my kids, they are so precious. They are only small for so long and then you dont have them anymore. It makes me sad just to think about. Thanks for these inspiring and creative ideas.

  8. It's great to keep those kids learning and growing! Amber N

  9. I love these ideas! Even though JR is only 2, I still try to do some things like this with him. I'll sit with him and just talking to him about his toys. Really, a lot of what I'm doing on our walks and in play and when I interact with him all day is talking to him and explaining what I'm saying and showing him what things are. He is quite the explorer. :)

  10. We always have his crayons and coloring books out so he can use them whenever! A messy space is fun!

  11. I worked in advertising and used to bring home discarded posters and even billboards for the kids to use the backs of for their art. The scale of these gave them a whole new format for expressing themselves.
    Gwynn Torres - The Creativity Institute


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