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This review has been long in coming and one that I really want to share with you today. Now while I like doing my own thing in creating my masterpieces, which usually include crayon art on the wall or doors, sometimes you want something a bit more professional. My grandmother and even my mother sometimes call me an old soul. I'm usually very serious as you can tell from my photos, I very rarely smile and I like things that are unusual. I'm just not your typical toddler. When I was contacted by Little Duchess Designs to give their artwork a try and share it with my readers, I without hesitation said yes. This is a company that specializes in vintage art. They do though however have a wide variety of holiday and special occasion print, as well as every day vintage pieces. Even some that are perfect for the nursery.

Source: Little Duchess Designs
Here's a little background of Little Duchess Designs and how they came to be.

This all started when the owner stumbled across some beautiful holiday postcards from the early 19th century with her mother. She immediately thought how amazing it would be to make these into beautiful pieces of art to hang up all year round. Now how awesome would it be to have the same frame and switch out the pictures month after month? After telling her childhood friend about her idea, they decided to become business partners. They're now here to share these beautiful heirloom quality pieces with us and the generations to come.

The Stork
I was able to choose an 12x16 Starter Package to review and this I have to say is the best way to really purchase a Little Duchess Designs art. The Starter Package comes complete with the frame and three prints. It gives you the option of choosing the size frame you want and there are currently two options. 8x10 and 12x16. 8x10 option costs $64.99 while the 12x16 costs $84.99.

You get to select your frame and there are 7 frame options. All of them beautiful and there will surely be one that will fit into your home decor. I decided on getting the Ornate Silver Frame and as you can see from my photo it was beautiful!

Alice in Ornate Silver Frame

Next you get to choose 3 prints. There are currently 54 prints and that is by far the most difficult decision you will make. With so much choices you may have to get help selecting one. If you decide that you want more than one then there, then each print can also be purchased individually. Individual prints costs $16.99 for 8x10 and $19.99 for 12x16.

Now where can you get 3 beautiful prints and frame for that little money as you get with the Starter Package?

Over the River and Through The Woods

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of each print. I decided to get Alice, The Stork and Over the River and Through the Woods. They were actual canvas quality and came on a very thick parchment paper that I knew was going to last for a very long time.

Now each frame comes with a hangers hook so there's no need to go out looking for something to hang it with. They are also very solid and has a real wooden backing. There are not your cheap dollar store frames. These are very well built frames!

Remember I told you that each picture is interchangeable. You only need the frame and you can continue to purchase the art work that you want. Changing out each print is very easy to do and you'll have no problem doing it as you can see from the photo below. Now your room or rooms can look different every season or as often as you like. Perfect for those who get bored easily with the same look.

I really love the prints and the variety included with Little Duchess Designs. The frames are top quality and so are the prints.

As I mentioned before the best way to start off with a Little Duchess Designs is with a starter pack. It is heavily discounted that way and then you can then grab a few prints that would make your home decorating skills pop.

Vintage is the new thing and you don't want to miss out on this. Do I love Little Duchess Designs Vintage Art? You bet I do and that's why they get my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

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