Bottle Cap Magnets Tutorial - Craft

We want to incorporate a few other things besides our recipes and our reviews. While we love doing our reviews and sharing our recipes with you, we realize that we don't do much besides that. So today I want to share with you a crafty idea. One that you will enjoy doing with your own little one.



Bottle caps
Acrylic paint (white, green, blue, red)
Hot glue gun
Neon colored glue sticks


1. Paint bottle cap white. Let dry.

2. Create polk-a-dots in a variety of colors and sizes using the end of the paintbrush. Let dry completely.

3.  Turn bottle cap over and fill inside with hot glue.

4. While glue is still warm, add magnet. Let glue cool before using.

5. Repeat.

What kind of crafts do you enjoy doing with your own kids? 


  1. Such a cute idea and my girls love magnets, so am going to try this soon for them. Thanks and have a great weekend ;)

  2. These are SOOOOO very cute! So whimsical and playful... and recycling too! Awesome!

    Thanks for sharing. I would love it if you linked this up this Thursday at my SHINE Blog Hop. It's a great little tutorial.

    I hope you had a lovely weekend.

  3. This is a cute and simple craft idea. Kids love playing with magnets.

  4. What a cute and simple craft. I know I could manage to do this with the Grandkids. I am having our Grandson stay for a weekend and told my Hubs, ... We need to keep him busy.

  5. I am definitely doing this with my youngest. We do not have any magnets for the refrigerator and need some to hang his artwork.

  6. Those are so easy to make and they came out so cute. You can never have enough magnets!

  7. Oh so easy. My kids would love doing this too! I enjoy making crafts that are not too messy. LOL. That's my kind of craft. Lately my kids enjoy making crafts with yarn.

  8. That is simple enough to do, and they come out cute too. My daughter is mega crafty, I don't know where she got her talent. It def. wasn't from her mama. ;) I like your bottle cap magnets.

  9. Oh those are so much fun! They are cute too! Amber N