Blue Sky Smoothie - Summertime Smoothies Recipe

Week 2 Day 5

Its Friday and we have been having great weather. It's the last day in week 2  with 6 more weeks to go. Here's hoping for blue skies this weekend. Enjoy our Blue Sky Smoothie.

Blue Sky Smoothie

What You Need:

½ C orange juice
½ C frozen blueberries
½ C canned peaches, chopped
1 (6 oz) container vanilla yogurt, frozen
1 ice cream scoop orange sherbet
2 TBSP honey
1 C ice, crushed

How to Make It:

Pour the orange juice into the blender.
Add the blueberries, peaches, yogurt and sherbet.
With a rubber spatula fold in the honey and ice.
Cover blender and blend until smooth.

This also tastes great with pineapple sherbet and pineapple juice.  The honey gives it a slightly sweet taste so use unsweetened pineapple juice when making it this way.  

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