Poetry Meets Astrology = Astroloetry - Review

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Every once in a while mommy and I get contacted by companies that offer very unique products. When I say unique, I really do mean that. Introducing Astroloetry! A company that offers a one of a kind product that I just need to share with you. Astroloetry is a combination of a poem and astrology printed on a very beautiful canvas. This is all custom made so no two are alike.

Source: Astroloetry.com
Before I go into details of my order, let me tell you a bit about Stephanie the woman behind Astroloetry and the company itself.

Although not a professional astrologer, Stephanie is a writer with a love for astrology using highly sensitive professional in-depth computer astrology software.  It provides a road map for which a poem can then be created. After careful deliberation of your child’s chart, an original and positive poem is custom written for your child.
The ordering process couldn't be any simpler. Here's what's needed.

  • Child's First Name
  • Child's Last Name
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Birthtime (hour and minute)
  • Birth Location
  • Color of Canvas (7 colors to choose from)

Luckily for me I wasn't born too long ago so mommy remembered all the details. There is also an option if you're an identical or fraternal twin. Order processing to completion with our canvas making it to our home took approximately 10 days. That is a really fast turnaround time for something that is custom made and personalized. 

Since this is completely done without you knowing what it will say, I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up and it exceeded my expectations. The canvas itself was very beautifully done and the poem totally made my day. Now mommy and I aren't big into astrology and have no idea what it all truly means, we just love knowing that I am a great thinker! 

Now this is what my poem read: 
Madison ..... is one of the great Aquarian thinkers of her generation. Madison's intelligent mind is constantly active, and needs to stand out as the unique individual she was meant to be. Yet, while she excels at math, Madison also has a creative side that provides her with confidence her sensitive soul needs to flourish. She is a mystery at times, keeping her emotions inside. Although, with her Jupiter in action, she blossoms by expressing herself through the arts. She finds pleasure in such thrills as painting, poetry, storytelling, dance and music. She may also excel in sports, always a quick learner and ready to win! Madison's mother plays a key influence in her life, guiding her with a sense of innovative independence. Like the rare and distinctive beauty of the bird of paradise flower, her essence shines and blooms. These qualities are but a mere foundation for Madison to fulfill her perfect destiny. 
It sure does sound a lot like me!

This beautiful 14 x 11  canvas print is ready to hang and comes with the attachment already in place. I can't think of another gift that would delight your little one. This makes the perfect gift for anyone, not just babies. Perfect for birthdays and all special occasions. With something that is so uniquely you I am all for personalized gifting. Astroloetry makes it special. I give them my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Astroloetry canvas prints can be purchased on the website for $49 with a $10 flat rate shipping to all 50 states.

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