A Day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - Almost Wordless Wednesday

Last week mommy took over my Almost Wordless Wednesday but this week I'm back in control. Mommy is still home with me recovering from her surgery but she decided that she was going to take me to the Zoo. Yes, I finally got to go back to the zoo. The last time I was there I was too little to really understand what was happening. Although I saw the animals I didn't really enjoy it because I couldn't get up and get close. This time was so different. While I was in and out of my stroller, I got to do it my way and thank you, mommy, for taking the stroller along. Now I hope you enjoy my photos that were taken at the zoo.

Now, these photos were taken at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado and it's one of the zoos where you can get up close to a Giraffe and actually feed them. Well, that's a whole other story.

When you first enter you get a quarter which you can use to save a wildlife animal.
I decided that I wanted to help save the Penguins

Reticulated Giraffe Up Close and Personal

Mommy Feeding the Giraffe

After seeing the Giraffe's tongue I decided that feeding a Giraffe wasn't something I wanted to do.

East African Crowned Crane


Red River Hog

Male African Lion

Female African Lion

Grant's Zebra

I got to sit on an Elephant

A rare picture of me and mommy together taken by a total stranger

Watching a Slender-tailed Meerkat

Black Rhinoceros 

African Elephant

Petting a baby Wallaby

Feeding a Parakeet at Budgie Buddies

A Peafowl

We saw quite a bit of snakes which I was very much afraid to go near even though they were in glass cases. Because a lot of people don't like snakes I am going to hold off on those photos. See I can be nice at times.

Mommy had to point out this Chameleon to me

Red Ear Slider Turtle

Amur Leopard

Amur Tiger

I dedicate my Moose sighting to Tamara of TamaraCameraBlog

Ducks at the Moose Lake

Now you can't visit a zoo and not see some monkeys, can you? I was able to see quite a few of them but didn't want to stay too long. Their habitat didn't smell too nice if you know what I mean.

Lion-tailed Macaque

Siamang Gibbon

Getting Up Close and Personal with a Western Lowland Gorilla

I got to chase around chickens at the petting zoo

African Penguin

The best part of visiting the zoo is going to the gift shop before you leave. With so many choices how can you resist getting a new friend to take home?

I had a really fun day at the zoo and mommy promises that we'll get to go to the Denver Zoo this summer and I am so going to keep her to that.

Do you enjoy visiting your local zoo?