Bluum 26 Month Old Box - March 2014 - Review

It's time to once again highlight Bluum Box for this month. My box showed up with my 26 month old items. I will be 26 months in a week so it's like a birth month gift in advance. I have been receiving my Bluum boxes for quite some time and there have been times of excitement along with times of disappointment. For those new to Bluum, it is a monthly subscription box for kids ages 0-3 and costs $24.95/month. If you're interested in seeing what I got in last month's box, you can check out my 25 month old, February 2014 box. I wasn't too happy with my box last month so I was excited to see what I was going to get this month. Wanna check out my box together? Let's get to it!

Once again everything is a total surprise since Bluum doesn't give you any hints as to what you will receive. Opening the box you see the card which describes the month you are receiving. As mentioned before, this is my 26 month old box.

Boogie Wipes Blaster Berry 12ct

Blasters are made with saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments. Extra soft and in kid friendly scents, Boogie Wipes are recommended by pediatricians as a gentle effective alternative to dry tissue.   
I LOVE Boogie Wipes and these are new to me. I have always used the regular one so I am super excited to try out these new Blasters. With a berry scent these should be super great to try out and I know my nose would love it.

Play-Doh Mini 4-Pack

Turn a gray day into a colorful, creative shape-a-thon! Pop open these four mini cans of PLAY-DOH compound and unleash your imagination. Try mixing and matching colors and then mold, shape, press and pat your creations to life!  
I love Play-Doh. I love making different things with them and although I do make a mess, mommy doesn't mind. It really helps my creative side and she loves when I'm creative. I wonder what I'll make with these.

Bumkins Reusable Snack Bag

Bumkins reusable snack bags are the alternative to single-use plastic baggies. Made from the same easy-wipe waterproof fabric as their top selling bibs. Great for many uses: picnics, hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, dog treats, road trips and so much more.  
I recently received a 2 pack of the smaller version which measures 7" x 3.5" and I use them to hold my snacks. This is the bigger version measuring 7" x 7" and will work great for bigger snacks. The great thing about these are that they are machine washable and much more environmentally friendly. Here's another for my diaper bag.

Deep Steep Hand Scrub

Enjoy fabulous mani-care with Deep Steep's Hand Scrub. The perfect blend of salts and exotic oils hydrates and polishes skin to perfection. 
We received one of Deep Steeps Hand Lotion before and mommy loved it! It is one that is kept in my diaper bag and mommy and I both use it whenever we go out. It leaves our hands feeling hydrated and it smells so good. Mommy is keeping this hand scrub for herself. She loved the hand lotion so much that there was no way she was going to let me keep this.

Wellements Tiny Voices - Immune

Tiny Voices natural herbal formula safely and effectively helps to support the upper respiratory and immune systems as well as sooth and comfort. Tiny Voices is suitable for children ages 2 and older.
This is a dietary supplement and while I've never had a dietary supplement before this seems like it would be great for use. Seems great for prevention instead of a cure. Contains no alcohol or parabens, no gluten, diary or soy or artificial ingredients. It also claims to be 100% drug free and safe and effective for everyday and seasonal immune support. It also has a berry flavor that kids love.

I wasn't entirely impressed with Bluum this month as with last month's either. While the products weren't bad, I love getting products that I can reuse over and over. Sure I'll be able to use the Play-Doh for a while but they only last so long. I also love receiving books and I haven't gotten a book from Bluum in a while. More toys that I enjoy would be great as well. Mommy did love her product though so I guess that wasn't bad.

Bluum boxes are usually $24.99 a month and if you would love to sign up for your first box, you can sign up using my referral link. If you do get a box, you can post a pic to either Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and tag #bluumbox for a chance to win a free month. Give them a try, you just may love it!

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  1. Looked like a great box this past month. Although not a huge fan of PlayDoh here as you know lol :)

  2. Ohh! This is a good one! Love Boogie Wipes. And I love Play-Doh! kids do. I can't stand it! I used to eat it!

  3. I like the Play-Doh and the reusable snack bag! The wipes sound like they would be very useful for toddlers. Hopefully next month's box will be more to your liking though :)

    PS - Hope you and your husband are doing well!

  4. What a great idea for kids! my boys love receiving items in the mail and this would be awesome! Those items look like great ones :)

  5. what a great box of goodies for your little one and she seems to be enjoying opening her special mail.

  6. What a great little box! How cool that you get a surprise each and every month :) x

  7. Love those snack bags! And the elderberry immune support, too!

  8. The reusable snack bag looked neat with a cute pattern. Elderberry is good stuff. :)

  9. I love elderberry - we use it for many things - and I wish I had more access to it here in India.

  10. What a great subscription box!! I love the products this month. My favourite is the boogie helpful that Mommy uses them on herself when she is sick!