Tickety Toc The Unstoppable Poppable Bubble and Cedar's Foods

You may have remembered my post about Tickety Toc's Unstoppable Unpoppable Bubble, which is now available for sale wherever videos are sold. You may also have remembered that Cedar's Mediterranean Foods have also teamed up to bring you a great offer. I was originally supposed to have a Tickety Toc Tea Party with Cedar's Foods but unfortunately it isn't sold anywhere near us so mommy wasn't able to have my party. Not to worry, I have my little tea set that I pretend to have tea with my pinky out. Royal style for me. I was also able to blow my own bubbles indoor as well. It's too cold to go outside. We've been having such bad weather that I'm cooped up indoors quite a lot. 

Since I wasn't able to have my party as originally planned I want to share with you a bit about the movie and also about Cedar's. 

If you've never watched Tickety Toc currently shown on Nick Jr, you're missing out on an awesome show. Tickety Toc follows twins Tommy and Tallulah as they try and do everything before Chime Time. It shows the importance of team work.

The DVD features six episodes including Bubble Time, Stickety Time, Fruity Puddy Time, Bell Time, Balloon Time and Help a Friend Time. It runs a little over an hour and totally kept my attention. So far I have seen this about 10 times and with no end in sight. Tommy and Tallulah test out McCoggins new bubble formula and engulfs the entire town in  huge bubble. With a little teamwork they were able to fix everything. 

Tickety Toc the Unstoppable Unpoppable Bubble retails for $14.98 and can be purchased in stores and online wherever movies are sold. 

Now just a reminder, from January 1 to March 31, 2014,  you can receive an instant $2 discount off of "The Unstoppable, Unpoppable Bubble" when you purchase an 8-ounce package of Cedar’s All Natural Hommus, 18-ounce package of Cedar’s Taboule Salad, or a 30-ounce package of Cedar’s Spinach Dip. There will be lots of containers of various Cedar's products that will also include a colorful tear-off label featuring Tickety Tock artwork and an instant rebate.  

About Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods, Inc. Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods, Inc. was established in 1981 and has been a leader in the Mediterranean food industry for over 30 years. Its authenticity and expertise has allowed the company to nationally expand and flourish with its many product lines including All Natural hommuspita chipsfresh saladsGreek yogurt based dips, and tzatziki. As one of the only major hommus manufacturers still privately owned, Cedar’s continually introduces new products and flavor profiles to help keep the industry fresh and consumers satisfied. Throughout its success, Cedar’s has focused on promoting healthy lifestyles through great tasting Mediterranean foods, as reflected in the recent Non-GMO Project Verification and Gluten Free Certifications of many of its product lines.
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