Art Explosion at Color Me Mine

We have been having such horrible weather here in Colorado. It seems that it has been snowing every day with no end in sight. That means that me being the outdoor child that I am, I am forced to stay indoors. Well mommy decided that was not going to happen. She understood that me being cooped up indoors all week meant that I was going to get in trouble. I was going to either try and throw my toothbrush down the toilet, sit on kitty or even draw on the walls. Yes my creations can be seen on the walls throughout the house. Well mommy found another way for me to indulge in my own art and show my creative and artistic side. While on a trip to the mall, mommy noticed that a Color Me Mine had just opened and knew that was the perfect place for me. So with me bundled up we were on our way.

Walking into Color Me Mine was like walking into a candy store. Here I was able to let my creativity take its course and do whatever I wanted. Now the most difficult part of all of this is actually choosing the piece that I wanted to color. There is quite a selection I must tell you and at first I wanted to do Ariel but then I saw a cute little ducky that I decided to do instead.  

Once I had what I wanted it was time to pick my colors. Notice that person standing next to me? That was my sister Krxssy who also went along with me. I guess she was tired of being indoor as I was. Either that or she just wanted to spend some extra time with me. Either way I was happy that she came along with me. The staff was really great and help was always close by.

Now I had my colors and it was time to get started on my art. Nothing builds imagination like art. I got to express my creative side with lots of colors. I also got to show off my co-ordination skills. I could actually hold with one hand and paint with the other. That takes a lot of skill if you ask me. Now don't worry about getting the paint on your clothing. Even though I was given an apron, the paint is non toxic and washes off easily. 

Now my piece was finished. Isn't it beautiful? I got to make a mess without anyone yelling at me that I made one. This is the place to be! Now it takes about a week for my piece to actually get done and I can't wait to see what it really looks like. 

If you have a Color Me Mine near you I would suggest taking your little ones there. It's not only a great place for kids but also adults as well. There's a $10 studio fee per adult and $6 per child and then the pieces vary in price but range from around $10+. Check out some of the finished pieces that others have made. 

It was a really great experience for me and I can't wait to go back. Believe me I will be going back! Maybe I might have to do a little bit more artwork at home but it will be worth it. If you're in Colorado Springs like I am I suggest taking a trip to the Color Me Mine of Colorado Springs. You will love it!

Color Me Mine has different locations around the world so you may just have one near you. Just check out their Store Locator

Have you ever been to an art studio? What do you do when you're bored of the indoors? 

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