Bluum 24 Month Old Box - January 2014 #Review

Now what would be the odds that 3 of my subscription boxes would pop up within the same week? I'm usually pretty good at putting my subscription boxes up within a day or two but due to mommy's busy schedule we have had to wait a bit before posting. We didn't want to wait too long because I love showing you what I received in my boxes. There is always some special surprise in there. This is my 24-month-old box because in approximately 2 days I turn 2. Woohooo! I will officially be 24 months old and this couldn't have come at a better time. If you have never heard of Bluum before, it is a monthly subscription for babies age newborn to 3yrs and costs $24.95 a month. Not bad for a box full of goodies if you ask me. Now if you're interested in seeing what I got last month you can read all about my December 2013 Bluum Box.

This month we were surprised that our Bluum box did not show up in the regular red box so mommy didn't pay it any attention at first. It wasn't until mommy saw the Bluum logo on the box that she realized that it was my special box from Bluum and decided to open it.

There was no card introduction in our Bluum box and once again our digital card only gave a brief description of our items which I will now share with you.

This multi-sensory board book is an amazing tool to encourage your child to associate textures and images. There are large areas of textured fabrics for children to touch and feel. Touch and feel words as well as pictures help s babies to develop sensory awareness.

Happy Tot Super Toddler Bars are gluten free snacks for your toddling tot. Made with organic ingredients like whole grain brown rice, kale, sunbutter, and Salba the super chia seed, your little one will enjoy feeding himself these tasty treats.

These bars are a good way to introduce your child to a healthy snack. Always organic and gluten free. They are also an excellent source of calcium.

Whatever you're having (maybe green eggs and ham?), this plate will ensure that each meal's a dunk (slam)! Make mealtime fun and easy with Dr. Seuss by Bumkins melamine dishware. These plates are divided to hold a variety of foods without mixing and are ideal for feeding young children.

You might wonder "How could bathtime possibly be any more fun for this little person?" - queue the B Kids Octopus Music Maker. Each time your child plays a note, the sound echoes through the bathroom, turning your tub into a tiny concert hall!

LUNA Bar Chocolate Dipped Coconut is a nutrition and delicious mix of organic toasted coconut and almonds dipped in an organic chocolate coating. With the CORE 4 vitamins and minerals -- calcium, iron, folic acid, and vitamin D -- plus 9 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber, LUNA Bar provides the nutrients women need most. Additionally, LUNA Bar Chocolate Dipped Coconut is made with 70 percent organic ingredients, which means it is as good for the planet as it is for your body.

My Bluum box wasn't too bad but I do wish Bluum wouldn't send so much food items, especially two of the same thing. I'm a big fan of the Happy Family Brand but since I always have them at my home I would prefer to get something else. Mommy can't eat her Luna bar either since it contains nuts and mommy has nut allergies. The book is awesome and I loved lifting the flaps and pulling the tabs. I also can't wait to try out my bath toy.

The total of my Bluum box this month was a grand $35.03 based on Amazon prices. The links would take you directly to Amazon where you can purchase them if you would like to do that. Bluum's monthly subscription is $24.95 and you can sign up with my referral link.

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