Throwback Thursday: Babys Layette

Last week we brought you Preparing Your Nursery and this week we're all about getting baby's layette together. What is a layette you ask? Well the layette is whatever baby will need in terms of clothing and supplies. A lot of parents go crazy buying lots of clothing that baby may end up not wearing. For example my own mommy. Babies grow very quickly so buy only what you need.  My mommy is going to tell you what you should really get and what you can leave alone or put on your registry.

Don't be this (my) mommy. Do your research. 
Now buying your baby's clothing will all most likely depend on the season. Winter babies need a lot more clothing than those born in the summer. Yes all babies need to be bundled up but not overheated. These are the basic items that you will need for baby.

5-10 onesies or bodysuits: long sleeves in the winter or short sleeves in the summer.

8-10 footed sleepers: Cotton ones are perfect for the summer while you may want to buy the fleece ones for the winter babies.

1 take me home outfit: Now is the time you want to buy something pretty but be sure you're buying for the season as well.

Snowsuit: For winter babies. You want to keep them warm just as you would want to be warm.

5 Receiving blankets: Not only good for bundling/swaddling baby but can also be used as burp cloths. Which is why mommy suggests putting them on your registry. They are truly multifunctional.

SwaddleMe's are nice to have but not a necessity. Ask the nurses at the hospital how to swaddle baby using a receiving blanket. They are pretty good at doing it and will be more than happy to show you how. If you think you won't be able to do it then you can always add this to your baby's registry as well.

2-3 Hats: Cotton floppy hats are great for the summer but you would want a thicker one for the winter. Babies lose heat through their extremities so keep a newborns' head covered especially during the cooler months.

5-6prs of socks: As mentioned before, babies lose heat through their extremities so keep them covered especially during the colder months.

1-2pr Mittens: Babies tend to scratch themselves so to prevent that you may want to get a pair of mittens to protect them from themselves.

Baby Manicure Set: Babies nails tend to grow pretty fast so you want to keep them short just as you would want to keep your own nails short.

Digital Thermometer: For the days when baby is sick. You want to keep track of any temperature you think baby might have.

2-3 Hooded Towels: Baby is going to need to be wrapped up after a bath and hooded towels offer head to toe wraps.

Infant Bathtub: A lot of parents use their kitchen sink but it is nice to have an infant bath. Lots of them come with an infant sling so baby isn't totally submerged in the water.

Disposable Diapers: Here's a suggestion and one that a lot of new parents should take into consideration. Sure newborn diapers are convenient but what happens if you deliver a 9lb baby. Those newborn diapers wouldn't last too long now would they. Buy size 1 diapers and fold the tab over or inward if you're afraid of baby's belly button. Also when adding disposable diapers to your registry ask for a variety of sizes.

Diaper Rash Ointment: Although not necessary it is recommended.

Bottles: With so many bottles to choose from on the market its best to read reviews and choose the one you think is right for you and your baby. Does mommy have a recommendation? She sure does. I breastfed until I was 13 months old and mommy used Comotomo bottles with me and swears by them.

Remember when buying clothing for baby to check for anything that may pinch or scratch baby's skin. Don't buy too much and always opt for a size bigger, so instead of buying size newborn buy size 3 month clothing instead.

Laundry Detergent: You're not sure if baby has sensitive skin so you may want to buy a free/clear detergent or one made specifically for baby.

Infant Car Seat: This is the most important thing and probably the first thing you should try and get. The hospitals would not release you from the hospital until you have an infant car seat. They do check to make sure that baby is properly secured in it before you get to leave as well. Do your research when shopping for an infant seat and be sure it is installed properly in your vehicle as well.

If we are missing anything please list in the comments. There are lots of more items that can be bought for baby but don't go crazy baby shopping. If you're having a baby shower put a lot of them on your registry.

Next week we focus on packing for the hospital. Until then have a Terrific Thursday!

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  1. This just brought me back and how with both my girls when they were infants and all the supplies they needed. Wonderful list and very thorough indeed!! :)

  2. Good list! I've never heard the term layette before. Thanks for sharing the knowledge! :)

  3. Have a great Thursday, my friend! Such memories of folding little onesies and bodysuits and hats and more. It was a special time to imagine a tiny body fitting those tiny clothes. Now, Des is a huge monster!

  4. Thank you Madison and mommy! Those Comotomo look like the Tommee Tippee ones I am considering. Been spending a lot of time looking at baby stuff. Have to make some adjustments to our registry. Probably not going to have a shower because I don't know anyone really down here so hopefully with the registry we'll get some things but we don't mind second hand stuff either :-). Wish you and your mom were closer! This is awesome though! Definitely not going to go crazy with Nb clothes as you babies grow fast indeed. Keep writing love cuz we love to read when you do! Xoxoxo

  5. Good advice. Our friends and family were so generous and V had an extensive wardrobe for his first year. It is hard to resist buying far too many things for a newborn because everything is just way too cute! x

  6. I bought bottles and never used them with my oldest :) With my youngest I just didn't buy any. I know that I am probably the only breastfeeder that never used a bottle, but my oldest just refused to even try. Plus I had a pump and found it a big pain! My oldest went through a ton of clothes because he would get sick almost every time he ate, so he had to by changed 8-10 times a day. I finally eliminated dairy from my diet when he was about 8 months and he stopped. I went through a lot less clothes with my youngest :) Great list, it's always nice to know what you do and don't need when expecting!

  7. That's how I was, I bought so much stuff for my little girl and some she didn't even use. I went as far as to buy her a baby whirlpool. Which she loved actually but some of the other things she didn't really care for. I thought I would need so many bottles but since I breastfed her up to 10 month she didn't really use them so that was a waist. This definitely brings back memories of shopping for my little princess before she was born. Great share Madison.

  8. This is such a great idea to let new mothers to be know what they are going to need for their baby. When I had a baby, they didn't have to be in car seats, now the baby can't leave the hospital unless they have the proper one. Crazy how things have changed... for the better in some cases.

  9. Yey! Another informative post. My sister who is 6 months on the way will surely love this.:)

  10. Baby layette - now that's a term that is new to me, but it makes sense and it's such a great idea to have for what kids will need (and nothing more)

  11. I wish I would have been to your blog when I was pregnant! You have the greatest most informative throwbacks.

  12. This is a great list! I'm keeping all these things in mind for future reference :)

  13. This is a fabulous list. I'm not sure if I ever heard "layette," or if I did, I might have forgotten as it's been almost 8 years! We thought we were prepared for Mr. Brady but he weighed in at nearly 9 pounds and just shy of 2 feet long so forget the newborn stuff, he wore 3 months immediately. It was nuts. Outgrew the bassinet almost right away and was too heavy for the handle car seat by 5 months. Ugh. He was in 1 year by 6 months and 2T by 1 year. We got lots and lots of hand-me-downs, yard sale and thrift store because he outgrew everything so fast. Yowza!

  14. This is a great list! I know this is something any expectant mother could benefit from. I know I had an over abundance of some items that were never (or hardly ever) used. It is good to have a list and get everything you NEED.

  15. Oh I love baby stuff! I always went crazy buying it!

  16. I should really keep this in mind. I always keep on buying things which end up not being used. hehe!

  17. One can never have too many baby stuff! My most recent purchase is the Zipadee-zip sleeping suit. My son looks way too cute!