KidSwitch Review

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I'm a very energetic toddler. Yes, I like to climb onto, over and into things. It's not safe for me to do but I do it anyway. One of the things I like playing with was my light switch in my room. I would usually pull a toy and stand on it and flip it on and off. Once again it wasn't safe but I did it anyway.

Boy was mommy happy when she found out that there was a safer way for me to turn on and off my light without actually standing on something. Introducing the KidSwitch. KidSwitch is a light extender that helps me turn the lights on and off by myself without any help and without me standing on something trying to do it myself. 

We received the toggle switch design but it is available for decora switches as well. This was very simple to install. Daddy was able to do it in a matter of minutes. To install our toggle switch daddy only needed a screwdriver. The only thing you need to remove is the existing screws that are originally on your old switch plate. You have to replace them with the KidSwitch screws. Once you do that voila you're done!

Once installed I could now turn on and off my bedroom light without mommy and daddy having to worry that I'm standing on something trying to reach it. It actually extends 12 inches down from the switch and I could now reach it with no problem. To turn on my light I simply push the moon handle up and to turn off my light I pull the moon handle down. How easy was that? I actually had fun doing it as well.

It took mommy a very long time getting a picture in the dark showing the great features of this amazing product. It totally glows in the dark. Once it's been exposed to any light it glows for a short period of time but while it does it really looks cool! 

Now the KidSwitch is perfect for not just bedrooms but bathrooms, playrooms, generally anywhere your little one will be and need help to turn on and off the light. Now you no longer have to worry about your little one getting hurt from standing on anything they can grab to reach the light switch. KidSwitch is also great for teaching good habits as well such as turning off the lights whenever you leave the room. 

The KidSwitch Story:
KidSwitch was created, developed, and brought to you by the father of a sweet and adventurous two year old little girl, named Taylor.  
One day, Taylor set out to turn on the light herself.  She built a makeshift "ladder" out of some of her toys. However, because Taylor was only two years old, and did not have an engineering degree, the "ladder" did not work and she fell, thereby suffering a slight injury.  After her fall, Taylor's dad did not want her to keep making "ladders," did not want to have to keep turning the bedroom and bathroom lights on and off for her all day, and did not want to simply leave the lights on all the time, so he set out to find a better way to help Taylor safely reach and turn on and off the light switches.
It all began that day in 1993, when one dad wanted to help his own daughter safely reach and turn on and off her room lights.  Since 1995, KidSwitch has been providing a helping hand to little ones and their parents.  

KidSwitch gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up!
You can order your very own KidSwitch via their Website
You can also connect with KidSwitch via their Facebook and Twitter pages. 


  1. Very cool! Emalee did the same thing as you!

  2. I wish I'd known this was around when my kids were little!!

  3. What a cool gadget! This is perfect for kids... and the sanity of the parents. :)

    Life With Lorelai

  4. Very cool! Lots of bumps and bruises here from this same problem...wish we had had this a few years ago

  5. such a neat idea. My daughter has to stand on her tip toes or get a step stool to turn the lights on.

  6. This is so great - my daughter can't reach the light switch in the bathroom and is always calling for us - this could help her!

  7. Great! We recently redesigned my daughter's bedroom. This would be a great addition. I love that it glows in the dark!:)

  8. I'm sorry - I had to laugh at your photo. Des is so the opposite. He is so cautious with everything he does. Is that normal for a nearly 15-month-old boy??? Don't worry, he gets himself in a fair share of trouble lately.
    This is an awesome product.

  9. That is very cool! What will they come up with next! This looks like a great product!

  10. I LOVE how adventurous Madison is! I can't wait to find out what she does for a living--She'll probably have a corner office somewhere! The KidSwitch is great! Sometimes kids just sit there and flick the lights on and off and on and off...Nice review!

  11. What a great idea! My son also liked to figure out ingenious ways to reach the switch when he was younger.

  12. Now that is a great idea! I'll bet she loves it!

  13. What a good idea, and it looks cute too :)

  14. Great idea! Love the kiddo review :)

  15. What a cute product and looks like it works so well. Love it glows in the dark for easy to see!

  16. Oh man!! One of those would be super useful around here, especially since Seth is afraid to use the bathroom without the light on.

  17. What a smart idea! My babies are too big for this product now; although little man has to really stretch to turn off some of the light switches here. He's are energy-saving-man, he doesn't like to see anyone leave lights on the house :)
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