Take Some Time to Smell the Roses

Today I'm not going to review any products or talk about any product for that matter.

Today I'm just going to talk about how much fun I'm having being a toddler and with the nice weather we're having. Spring is definitely my favorite season.

Last week I got to go to see my big sister at her cheer leading practice and while there I actually went outside and hugged a tree. When was the last time you hugged a tree? Mommy says that when she was younger she was always outside playing with her cousins and friends and we don't go outside as much as she did.

Mommy lived on an island, a very beautiful island when she was little so it was a little different for her but I do understand what she is trying to say. My brother hates going outside and will only go if mommy threatens to take his xbox away. Me on the other hand I love being outdoors. Its where I can do almost anything.

I love playing in my sandbox, swinging on my swings and best of all I love playing with my pets. There is nothing better than having puppy kisses.

So take some time to go outdoors and have some fun and smell some roses or hug a tree. You will never know what you're missing until you do!


  1. I know just what your mommy is talking about Madi, as her and I both grew up on the same island and went to the same school. I know I personally lived in our plum and mango tree in the back yard when I was a kid, didn't have a tree house, but the branches and my imagination were never lacking! Enjoy the outdoors and your childhood! Love you lil munchkin!

    1. Awww thank you Kurl-Ann. Mommy says kids of this generation need to get outside more and she makes sure I do everyday even if its only for an hour. I loved the island when I visited and I can't wait to visit once again. I'm definitely going to be climbing in those mango and plum tree. Love, Madison ♥