My Photo Shoot Postponed AGAIN!

As most of my readers know I was supposed to do my photo shoot last week but because I fell and split my lip open, mommy and I decided that we would postpone my picture taking until my lip healed.

Well today was the day. We had an afternoon appointment and I couldn't wait to go. This meant that I got to dress up and pose. Lately I haven't been smiling much when I take my pictures, after all supermodels don't smile much, they just look fierce. I'm going to be a supermodel among many things. :)

Mommy and I walked with quite a few outfits so I could change from one to another but what a disappointment when we got there. They were CLOSED!

Why couldn't they call us mommy? How unprofessional of them! 

Apparently we didn't get the memo. No-one called to inform us that the company that runs Sears Portrait Studio had apparently closed theirs doors just 3 days earlier and was no longer in service. How unprofessional that they didn't call their clients who had appointments to let them know that their appointments were cancelled.

How sad for the employees who worked there as well since they had no idea that it was coming. It was all so sudden. According to a Sears employee "they came in on Thursday and started packing away all the equipment. No-one knew what was happening".

I was very disappointed but mommy was able to contact Portrait Innovations and schedule my photo shoot for next week. I am definitely looking forward to that one. After all its time for me to get my diva on.

Outfit & Shoes by Old Navy
Hair Accessory by Gymboree