Bonjour! Je m'appelle Madison

I mentioned before that mommy thinks that I'm not too young to learn and learning a new language is no exception. Although English is the native language of the USA, Spanish comes in a very close second. Mommy and I decided that we wanted to learn something totally different so we chose French. Mommy did French both in High School and in College so she would be able to help me. 

Mommy and I searched around the internet for a program that would engage me and we found Little Pim. We decided to get the French Backpack Plus Gift Set which includes 6 DVD's featuring "Eating and Drinking", "Wake Up Smiling", "Playtime", "In My Home", "Happy, Sad and Silly" and "I Can Count". It also comes with a French Word and Phrase flash cards, a 9" Little Pim Panda and a Little Pim backpack. 

Little Pim is a total immersion children's language series that teaches foreign languages to babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Founded by bilingual filmmaker and mom Julia Pimsleur (the daughter of famed linguist and language teacher Paul Pimsleur), Little Pim has won 25 awards, and been featured on the Today Show. Parents and children everywhere love to learn with Little Pim. 

I've already learned a few words by just watching the videos and can show the sign for au revoir. Very soon I may be speaking fluent French, who knows? Research have shown that children who learn a second language before the age of five tend to have superior reading, writing, analytical and social skills, as well as more extensive vocabulary than their monolingual peers. It's one of the reason why mommy and I decided that a second language may be just the thing for me.

Turn everyday into an educational adventure with Little Pim after all you're never too young to learn.


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