Shopping at Gymboree!

I've mentioned it before that Gymboree is one of my favorite store. My coming home from the hospital outfit was actually from Gymboree so I've been wearing them for as long as I can remember. Mommy said that she was going to try and wean off from shopping there as much as she used to but it's going to be tough. Earning Gymbucks and receiving your Gymboree Rewards Certificates via email makes it almost impossible to stop. Not only that but they come out with some of the cutest things in their new line that makes us say "awww I love that!".

My mom is home for the weekend and since I've been indoors all week mommy decided that we were going to take a trip to the mall and spend our Gymboree Rewards Certificate that we earned since it expires in a few days. Gymbucks redemption doesn't start for a while and by then our certificate would have expired.

For those who don't know about Gymboree and their rewards program let me explain it to you. First of all you don't need to be a Gymboree reward member to earn Gymbucks but you do need to be a member to earn a reward certificate. Sign up is totally free and you earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. When you get to 250 points you earn a Gymboree Reward Certificate for $5 which does have an expiration date but can be used toward anything in store or online. Reward certificates are issued every 3 months but don't worry if you don't have enough points by the redemption period, your points never expire. Yay!!

Another great thing that just happened recently is that points can now be earned from shopping at their outlet stores as well and you can now also spend your reward certificates there as well. My nearest outlet store is almost an hour away so unfortunately for us we don't get the savings that you get from their outlet stores since we do most of our shopping online or at their regular retail stores.

Me and mommy are in love with Gymboree's hair accessories and we don't buy them anywhere else.
Today though we went in to look at dresses for my upcoming Easter photo shoot at Sears this weekend and for the summer. Mommy says that I dress in too much jeans and she wants me to look more like a young lady so this summer I'm going to be in a lot more dresses and lot less jeans.

It is very hard to shop at Gymboree because there is sooo much to choose from. The clothing is very well made and the quality of the clothing is very good. I have yet to see shrinkage on any of my clothing when washed. The customer service there is great as well although they do try and get you to buy more than you need. I must admit that they have gotten my mom to get a few extras quite a few times which is good for me.

Today though I helped mommy pick out the dresses that I wanted to wear and I decided to take a look at the shoes as well but mommy said that I didn't need anymore shoes because I had too much already. While at Gymboree I got to look at Gym TV while mommy shopped around some more. Gymboree do cater to little people like me. I was entertained for a few minutes until it was time to leave.

These are the dresses that mommy and I chose today to get and I love them. I've placed them in order of how I love them. The Scenic Sailboat Dress is by far one of the my favorites. The print is of sailboats, kites and birds and not only is the design great for the spring but would also be perfect for the summer. Right next to it is the Growing Flowers Dress which features appliqued flowers. They're growing and beautiful just like me and is the ideal spring dress when the flowers are blooming.

Next is my Bow Flower Bubble Dress. I love flowers and this one is teeming with them. The dress has a tiered bubble hem design and the bow detail makes it look so adorable. Next up is my Flower Bow Dress and this one is very simple but still adorable. It features flutter sleeves and has a very nice detailed bow in the back. Last but definitely not least is my Stylish Kitty Dot Dress. It is covered entirely in dots and has an appliqued kitty that has on a very stylish hat. The kitty reminded me of my own Persian kitty Snowflake. This one also has flutter sleeves and a smocking detail on the bodice.

I can't wait to wear them and when I do there'll be pics.

Top & Hair Accessories by Gymboree
Folded Denim Capri by Old Navy
Shoes by Keds