My Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Drinking Cup Experience

Disclaimer: I was given the product in this post for the purpose of a review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own. 

I had my 14 month birthday yesterday and since I'm now a big girl mommy decided to give me my water for the very first time in a drinking cup. I've been using sippy cups with straws and mommy thinks that I should now be learning to drink from a "big girls" cup as well.

My mom is an Amazon Viner which means that Amazon sends her products to test and review on their website so this cup was a freebie. My first experience with the Avent Natural Drinking Cup was not such a great experience. Here's my review:

According to the Avent company, the cup is supposed to simulate the experience of drinking from a regular cup. It's supposed to allow you to drink from anywhere around the rim and is all lip activated. Great concept but not so great with the execution since it comes with a fast flow valve.

If not in use then it doesn't spill so it is entirely spill proof but once there was any pressure from my lip on the cup it allowed my water to fill along the rim and it wasn't a little trickle either. One tip and my entire clothing was soaked through with water. Thankfully it was only water. I've found out also that I don't even need to use my lip to get the water out, I can also use my fingers and I so enjoyed doing that and spilling the water everywhere while mommy said "stop Madison, don't do that".

I loved the dual handle concept which makes it easy for me hold onto the cup and it does come with a protective lid that keeps it covered and clean for on the go purposes.

I've found that it does come with a few too many parts that need to be kept clean. Along with the lid, there's the rubber valve and a support lid that's on the inside. When is a company going to have a cup with just one part to clean?

This cup is a not a hit with us and we're still looking for that perfect cup. Once we find it we'll update and let you know.

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