My Trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop

So I turned a year old on January 24, 2013 and I've had my very first bear for almost as long as I was born. Today my mom and I decided that we were going to Build-A-Bear Workshop to get my bear her very first outfit. My bear has been naked all this time. :)

My bear is the Sweet Velvet Teddy made by Build-A-Bear Workshop and is asthma and allergy friendly. My mom had her customized for me with my name, birthday and weight at birth. 

Well first of all the store was very crowded as it was a Saturday afternoon, the day before St. Patricks day to be exact. There were so many outfits to choose from that it was difficult deciding what I wanted my bear to wear but finally we decided that my bear was going to be a Ballerina. A Ballerina is something that I think I may want to be when I grow up as well. 

So much to choose from
I finally decided to make her a Ballerina

Before dressing her we decided that she needed a bit more stuffing since she was going quite a wee bit soft. The bear stuffing machine reminds me of our vacuum cleaner that I'm afraid of so I didn't do the stuffing process, instead I hid behind mommy while the machine made it's angry noise stuffing my bear. After giving her a bit more fluff, we gave our bear a bath which she needed and then dressed her up in her Pink Garden Ballerina 3pc Outfit. She looked so pretty when dressed. Almost as pretty as me. 

First I got her stuffed
She then got a bath
Here she is finally dressed
I'm gonna get a doggy next
There are so many animals to choose from at Build-A-Bear Workshop that I'm definitely going to be back. I found this cute little dog that was on a leash that reminded me so much of my own puppy at home. I'm thinking about adopting him the next time we go back.

Once we were done with Build-A-Bear Workshop we headed to Pottery Barn Kids. I love that store because I get to play with the cool toys that's in there. The people know me in there by name and it's always fun visiting.There's never a dull moment in my life.

At Pottery Barn Kids
I had a really nice day today. It's so good to be me! 

My dress and shoes by Ralph Lauren
White Denim Jacket by Old Navy
Hair Accessories by Gymboree
My Bears Clothing by Build-A-Bear Workshop